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My new 75gl, thanks mom!

For my birthday this year my mom gifted me with a 75gl tank (what a mom, yes?) and this is the first pic which I took tonight. I'm sure there will be some re-arranging going on but this is how it looks for now. Notice anything missing?? I've tried for two days now to net out the fish from my 100 display that will be going into this tank. Not having much luck...someone told me that fish don't see red LED light so I bought a red LED flashlight. Fish do see red, in case anyone was wondering.
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WOW! that looks great!

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Thanks! This, from the woman who always says, "Oh for Pete's sake, you have too many tanks". Once my Discus started spawning she said, "But what about the eggs?" I told her that they will probably get eaten. "Oh no", she said. "We can't let that happen! I'm getting you a tank for your birthday!". I have the greatest mom in the world!

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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Wow! It's gorgeous AK. I'm lovin' that big piece of wood. And the plants with the dark substrate look great. So what fish are going in this tank? The discus? And what a Mom! So nice of her to buy this for your B-day.

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wowcan i have your mom???? joking. lovely tank.justlove the lighting =)

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I once had the misfortune of trying to catch around fifteen tiger barbs from a 75 gallon tank. Ended up lowering the water level by nearly one half perhaps three quarters, and using two large nets ,one in each hand.
The expletives used have been heard by very few I suspect, and approx one hour later,,,I managed to corral them all.

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The tank looks beautiful. What a great mom you have.

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Oh the joys of trying to net fish in a big tank! Or even a small one, if they are quick little

You lucky thing, you! I wish my mum would do that for me.....but no, I'm 35, so I have to do it myself. hahaha

There are always birthdays, I say! But nobody listens to me.

It's looking beautiful. :)

Ah, the serenity......nothing more relaxing or beautiful to look at than fish gliding around their tank......
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Gorgeous tank and what a wonderful gift. All I can say is "go hug that mom of yours" to say thanks. Also, as you know I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to net my gold Gourami without killing everything (plants) in the tank. Well, I went out and bought a HUGE net. It was so big that I barely had to move it to cover the width of the tank. Made it a whole lot easier and I just sort of chased her in with the other net.

Good Luck, you gotta save those eggs. ;)
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nice score Kymmie!

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