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My job's fish tank!

I'm not sure what size it is.. maybe 125 gallon or more? But this is the fish tank and I have the privilege of feeding!! Pictures below :)

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They could have some problems with that selection of fish =o

On the size, it's not a 125. A 125 is a 6 foot long tank, this looks to be at most 48 inches (4 foot).
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thats a 72 bowfront most likely.
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Originally Posted by Geomancer View Post
They could have some problems with that selection of fish =o

On the size, it's not a 125. A 125 is a 6 foot long tank, this looks to be at most 48 inches (4 foot).

weve had these fish for a problems yet.. what kinda problems do u mean?
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Gourami and Angelfish should not be kept together. You can read the profile here on the Scalare Angelfish, under compatibility here is an excerpt:

Not suitable with anabantids (gourami, betta), active swimming fish (such as danio) or small fish such as many of the tetras and similar fish; should not be kept with discus (for the good of the discus).
Particularly I believe I see at least one Blue Gourami, which are known to get quite aggressive as they get older. I'm not sure what the orange fish are in the third photo so I can't comment on them.

The loach looks like a Clown Loach. Again, if you read the profile under compatibility you will see:

Peaceful when maintained as a group in larger aquaria with suitably sized non-aggressive fish such as the larger peaceful barbs, danios, rasbora and cichlids; not recommended with angelfish or discus due to their level of activity. Not a fish for the smaller (under 6 feet) home aquarium. A highly social fish, it must be kept in a group of at least five or six; with fewer than this, subordinate fish of the group will be harassed and other fish in the aquarium may be attacked particularly as the fish matures.
In a lot of cases numerous fish will be 'okay' while still young, but can quickly turn to trouble as they mature. In a lot of cases, even if no aggression is observed, the mere presence of a fish can be enough to cause another stress. As always, the individual temperament varies from fish to fish, but experience has shown that in more cases than not there will be problems. I myself made the mistake of having a single Clown Loach. He turned into an extremely aggressive fish and killed several of my others. It wasn't his fault, it was my own for not understanding his care requirements (need for a school, and size of aquarium).
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Picture three looks to be of a goldfish? Is that accurate Ruby, because if it were, we all know mixing tropicals and goldfish together is problematic.
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Picture 3 is just a blood parrot with bad form.

taking a break from fish-keeping.
3 lovely male betta still keep me company.
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