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This is a discussion on My First Aquarium within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Also the lights are 2 incandescent bulbs and the only wording i could find on them was 120V15W...

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Also the lights are 2 incandescent bulbs and the only wording i could find on them was 120V15W
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Hey TurnerD I found that link to the reference pages on Cycling A Tank. Just in case you have not read it yet.

(Read anything Byron writes!) There are articles on Bacteria, Plants and Lighting too.
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I have read that article and I just did a 50% water change. This morning i left and the fish looked okay than came back from work and one of the guppies had passed away so I am going to be more stringent on the water changes and ammonia checks but I am also looking into some live plants but I think i would need a new filter and substrate right now I have a HOB filter and the normal rock gravel substrate that comes in 5 lb. bags any suggestions?
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Okay so I did a 50% water change around noon today tested and the water was still at .5/PPM Ammonia so this evening I did about another 20% change and the ammonia level is back down to .25/PPM I have water ready for another morning water change before feeding time. In order to get the tank cycle moving when i syphon the water I am only doing 1/3rd of the tank that way I don't vacuum the good bacteria that will continue the cycle.

I am sorry to say i did lose 1 guppy and i was given advice as to just not change the water or anything for a month to let the tank cycle completely but i figured the safer bit for the fish would be a slower cycle and to do daily water changes. It may take longer but i feel this is what it will take for a healthy aquarium with how i was put into this situation. I will be keeping my log updated and posting along the way but i feel this cycle may take 2 months instead of 1.
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Old 11-01-2011, 03:11 PM   #25
My tank is coming well after 1 week, here is my most recent picture.
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Okay, chiming in now :)

Skirt tetras are very hardy fish. In fact, I'm using them to cycle my tank as I type! The only problem is, you only have 1 in there, which is EXTREMELY stressful for her. Like, death-by-stress stressful. I know that's gonna kill you, but it's true. Skirt tetras are shoaling fish and need to be kept in groups of 6. I only have 3 right now because I'm cycling but I'm going to be getting three more soon.

So... what to do with that is completely up to you. You could leave her and see what happens. Is she nippy at all? Chasing the other fish or getting territorial? Normally they get nippy if they're in small groups. 2/3 of mine are nippy, and one is being particularly annoying right now. She has claimed half of the tank for herself!! :/ If she's not being nippy, you might be fine. Good luck!

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She is not boot nippy at all she usually just swims along with the other fish, before passing away the male guppy was very nippy to the female and other fish
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How is you cycle going? I would suggeest adding Prime it is a product by seachem and it detoxifies the ammonia during the cycle. Lots of the members on here have used it and it works great so your fish make it through the cycle.
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The cycle is in progress although still only in the ammonia stage and no sight of the nitrites or nitrates moving. This is kind of annoying but I am pushing through. And the fish are doing well so far. Both guppies did pass although i was told the guppies are not a strong fish to cycle with and the molly, danio, and skirt tetra are a hardier breed.
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Any chance you could add real plants?
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