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Not yet, i was told to do it if it gets over 1 but i defiantly will I also have been told never to remove more than 1/3rd of the water at any given time because than you will just go through a micro cycle what is your say here?
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That may or may not be true if you were doing a fishless cycle. But you have fish in there, so you have to put their well being first. It may take longer to cycle, I can't say. But its better to do less damage to your fish, even if it takes longer. So any time you register ANY ammonia and/or ANY nitrites, please do a 50% water change and retest. Repeat until you're cycled, and as needed.

Others on here could talk to you about a product called Prime that many people successfully use. It detoxifies ammonia and nitrite for a short period of time. I don't have any direct experience with it, so I'm hoping some one else can chime in about that.

Getting a large number of fast growing plants can help your cycle, sometimes actually erase the cycle. Someone could explain this if you're considering. Its your best option at this point, in addition to your water changes. And its awesome for the health of the tank in the long run! Win win!

I haven't seen anyone say this before to a person in your position, but I'm going to- if getting the aforementioned plants are not an option for you, please consider taking your fish back to the store and doing a fishless cycle instead. You can always get more fish later when your tank is stable. Whichever way you go, I wish you luck!

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I will definitely do some more regular water changes although when do i know fully that the cycle is complete if i keep creating mini cycles?
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I don't know that you'll create "mini cycles". Time will tell. You'll know the fries are done when DING! you'll have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and some nitrates consistently.

Have you thought about live plants?
Have you read about "seeding" a cycling tank? Do you know anyone with a healthy aquarium that would let ya steal some substrate or filter media?

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Well actually if I had numbers spiking... I would do 30 percent and then a 2nd 30 percent. Kind of like diluting down your So that it is not so shocking. I usually do 30 percent every couple of weeks, and it should be minimum weekly. Many fish keepers in here believe in 50 percent weekly. I admit I am reactive and step up the water changes when I have problems. Rather than have immactulate water to avoid problems.
But your bacteria is not in your water, it will grow in substate/gravel, filter media, plants, ornaments and rocks. You will cause a mini cycle if you wash everything in your filter in tap water. It should be rinsed in old tank water, or a bucket of de-chlorinated water. Chlorine will kill your good bacteria. 6 months from now when you look into your tank and think ghee it's dirty in there and start tearing down your tank and scrubbing rocks, rinsing gravel to clean it in tap water... these types of things will kill off all the good bacteria and cause a cycle and death.
I'm sorry I do not mean to scare you in any way. Please don't read all this and feel overwhelmed... just keep coming back and ask questions. Read as much as you can in here from the start of a question right thru to the advice given. you will learn tons in here and we all wish you much success!!
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The only friend i have that has a tank has a reef tank so that water would be no good. I just filled up a clean bucket with water i will replace the tank with tomorrow and added some stuff from Tetra "Aqua Safe Plus". Knowing now what i should have done before I actually feel really bad jumping the gun and not doing it completely properly although just like other things i am going to do my best and work with what i have.

I have not thought about live plants mainly because i didn't want to get that in depth with everything because i figured that would be very much over my head in maintaining an aquarium. I will look into that though because i'm sure that makes for a happier fish as well no?

I really do appreciate all your guy's input and help i didn't realize how much i was really doing wrong. I probably will not bring the fish back to the store because my girlfriend would kill me but i will do daily or two times a day water changes to maintain a healthy tank for the fish.

Is there certain fish that I have that are keenly susceptible to the ammonia? I have 2 guppies, a molly, a danio, and a tetra
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Can I hug you? You're awesome. Hey, we've all made mistakes. Trust, I've screwed up plenty! We all have. Keep asking questions, keep learning. Jakiebaby hit the proverbial nail on the head when she said that there are no stupid questions! So now you're being awesome and trying to do the right thing for the fish. And THAT'S where its at! Go you!

That "Tropical Fish Profiles" link on the dark blue navigation bar at the top of the page? Its not just fish, there are a lot of plants and inverts in the database, too. Great resource!

Guppy, Molly, and Danio tend to be reasonably hardy, especially the Danio. But the tetra, maybe not so much. What is the tetra's make and model? Or, if you don't know, maybe a description or a pic?

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Tetra is an albino skirted tetra, it was my girlfriends first pick because "it was so cute and adorable" so she named it daisy so if that one dies she will be sad lol. But i personally think the guppies are the nicest looking fish in my tank very colorful.

This is a cropped close up of Daisy

I have looked up a little bit of what it takes to do live plants and it doesn't seem too hard. I didn't realize that i could do live plants with normal gravel but this is something i will look into because it will ad so much more depth to the aquarium i think. Although i am still researching it. Until that time plenty of water changes and i most likely will be filling this 5 gallon bucket full every night so it gets room temp by the time i wake up so that i can just rotate water throughout the tank.
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Very pretty! She has good taste in fish. That particular kind of tetra appears to be pretty hardy. I haven't had it myself, I'm just going on what I looked up, so maybe others should chime in.

So, about the water in buckets to become room temp- Do you have a heater? Do you have a thermometer? Okay, sorry, I looked at your Aquarium Profile and saw that you have a heater. Cool.

At a later point, after you're through cycling, we can look at your stocking. Some of your fish need to be in groups. But since we can't add any now, we'll just come back to that later.

If you look at your light bulb, it will have a string of numbers and letters. Something like "blahblahblah 18WT8". That will tell us your model, watts, and type of fixture. If you post that to us as well as your temp, pH, GH/KH, and amount of time you have your lights on, then we can help you pick out some plants, if you like. Your fish will def appreciate some floating plants, and those are good ammonia and nitrate picker-uppers. Just let us know your stats!

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Hey, yeah I have the heater which maintains the temp at 78 +/-2 degrees. My Ph is 7.4 and i am assuming that i would have to buy a separate test kit for GH/KH because mine only does Ph/HighPh, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate.
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