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My First Aquarium

This is a new hobby that i picked up just 4 days ago. I have learned quite a bit in that time as well as learning that I have not done everything correctly because the lady at the pet store told me many lies. But this is what I have.

10 Gallon Freshwater
10-30 Tetra Whisper Heater
Aqua-tech 5-15 power filter with bio-fiber biological filtration
2 Guppies
1 Molly
1 Danio
1 Albino Skirted Tetra
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The tank doesn't look bad. I like how the decorations look like they match the background. Everyone has to learn somewhere and this is a great place to do that :)
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Thanks, Yeah i do want to further his hobby further when i get my get my own place to stay. and I would love to have a reef tank later
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That's a lot better than my tank...

My fish lady wasn't very helpful either... and the only fish she could catch were the runts.

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Welcome TurnerD. Yes you are going to learn the hard way just like the rest of us!! Not sure your budget but please invest (If you haven't already)in an API liquid water testing kit because you are going to need to monitor your Amonnia, NitrIte and NitrAte levels for the next 6-8 weeks. Until your tank has Cycled. In the mean time fish can die due to high levels during the Nitrogen Cycle.

Stop in to ask more questions any time!!
Have you read A Biginners Guide to Cycling a Tank?
If not I'll try to find the post, or someone might chime in before I get back to you.
Good Luck with your new tank!!!
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Thank you all for the warm welcome, yes I have purchased a testing kit and am keeping track of the Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Ph Levels of my aquarium. I am testing about once or twice a day just to ensure that the levels don't exceed the safety of the fish. I read on the other forum a thread about the cycle and it was extremely helpful and would have been more helpful if i read that before putting the fish in the water lol. But i am trying to maintain a healthy and happy habitat for the fish and keeping a keen eye on everything. In a month or so i will probably purchase some sort of algae eater fish.
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When your Ammonia and Nitrites spike be ready to do 50 percent water changes to bring the numbers down... you might have to do a couple in one day. Eventually you are shooting for zero for both.
If you find you are having trouble with your numbers, test your tap water too to know what that new water is. My tap water is .20 on the ammonia test.
Lots of live plants will deal with the ammonia for you to by the way.

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Don't put the Algea eater in until it is cycled and you actually have algea to eat. or you will have to buy it Algae Disks... another expence!
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I just checked my ammonia levels and that is .5 while my nitrite and nitrate are still at 0 the transition is going slowly
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So you did a 50% water change?

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