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Originally Posted by Mikaila31 View Post
I don't really see a problem. Though I agree you could of added more to your first post. I see how some could be offended by it. Cichlids will be cichlids though. They are aggressive and will fight each other and that is natural for them. I have a video on youtube with 2 female swordtails fighting. I'm not sure what there problems were, but they were both really aggressive for swordtails. To the point were I couldn't keep them in the same tank.

As far as real fish fighting, like betta fighting. I suggest we keep away from that. I've seen that its a good way to get a thread locked on other forums. Mainly because its just a repeating argument. Both sides can be supported and people will never see eye to eye.
Thank You.

I just brought home my new foster dog, whom was a previous unwilling participant in the fighting world, and her scars are much more than physical. I still can not believe someone would compare her suffering to a couple of mbunas doing what comes natural to them every once in a while.

Oh well, this topic is exhausted. Moving on.

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Moving on but addressing your recent post: Yay, another foster parent and another lucky dog.
Good luck in helping her recover, poor thing.

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I would just like to chime in and say that cichlid fighting of this nature is natural and I back the author of this thread absolutely.

Something many people don't realize is that cichlid keeping is VASTLY different in small and large tanks. If this behavior was evident in a smaller tank then intervention would be necessary.
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congrats on the new dog!! I hope her time with you will help her/him regain some good social behavior and eventually find her way into someones heart and forever home!!

regarding willieturnips post......with no explanation other than "my cichlids fighting" it came across as something other then what it actually was....if the author of this post had said something to the affect of "cichlid behavoir" or gave some more info on the cichlids and how people who keep or want to keep them should be aware that this is only natural for them and then go in to when intervention is needed, THEN i hightly doubt it would have had such an initial negative would have been more a learning tool then seemingly and advert for fish fighting

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Originally Posted by southamericancichlidguy23 View Post
is its in there dna to fight its nothing new my oscar firemouth have there issue once or twice day then there ok like married couple
Once or twice a day isn't healthy or natural at all. That needs sorting pronto, before one of the two is dead.

In a good cichlid habitat, they should essentially just have the one fight. This establishes the dominant male and the victor is respected.

After 6 months or so, substantial growth or a change is circumstances (new fish introduced, change tank decor etc) another "fight" may and probably will break out to establish the new dominant male.

Regular fights however, especially between the same fish, are not natural and preventative measures should be taken.
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