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my cichlids fighting

This is a discussion on my cichlids fighting within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> my fish were not bred or trained to fight each other. I did not force it upon them to fight each other. They did ...

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my fish were not bred or trained to fight each other. I did not force it upon them to fight each other. They did it on their own.
I volunteer with the aspca and see dogs that have been fought on a regular basis. Comparing a cichlids natural behavior to dogs that have been bred, trained, and tortured to go through something so horrible is absolutely ridiculous.
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I will agree with you on that ThalesthePearsei. I have alot of cichlids and they do the exact same thing. expesily when its breeding time. That is how they say im domint male. THE KING of the tank.
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i understand now.....sorry for the misunderstanding. I guess since i dont own aggressive fish i am a little ignorant to that matter....again as i said in my previous post, you obviously take great care of your fish....

And thank you for giving your time to your local SPCA, it is people like you who help make sure those animals get the proper care they need and have a better life then what they may of had before
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providing us with a video of your fish fighting and posting it with no questions is sorta of promoting fish fighting......What good came from you posting the video?..........some not so caring fish keepers could find this interesting and try it themselves.....I understand this is the cichlids natural behaviour, showing it first hand is not responsible behaviour..........Yes, these fish are aggressive and yes, they will fight and kill one another from time to time......I had africans for 20 years and lost some to aggression and the fighting is not always from breeding......displaying a video of fish fighting doe not do the hobby any good, when new aquarists see this they could either be turned off to cichlids or worse yet, someone with bad morals and ethics could find this as appealing as fighting intent here is not to berate you over your video, but in all honesty what good came from posting it?
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I agree with fishin pole as I found it very distasteful to say the least....................
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here here fishin pole well said...... natural behavior on display is one thing but with out explanation many could take it the wrong way.... i am glad your fish are well and i also am glad that many others have made their points as well... awareness needs to spread....
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i thought that it was pretty interesting to see personally. never seen that before. i think its pretty neat that you were actually able to see what these fish rarely do naturally anyway. good catch (no pun intended) IMO
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"fish fighting awareness"? are you kidding me?
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I don't really see a problem. Though I agree you could of added more to your first post. I see how some could be offended by it. Cichlids will be cichlids though. They are aggressive and will fight each other and that is natural for them. I have a video on youtube with 2 female swordtails fighting. I'm not sure what there problems were, but they were both really aggressive for swordtails. To the point were I couldn't keep them in the same tank.

As far as real fish fighting, like betta fighting. I suggest we keep away from that. I've seen that its a good way to get a thread locked on other forums. Mainly because its just a repeating argument. Both sides can be supported and people will never see eye to eye.
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is its in there dna to fight its nothing new my oscar firemouth have there issue once or twice day then there ok like married couple
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