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My adventure into a "Muddy Tank"!

This is a discussion on My adventure into a "Muddy Tank"! within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> It looks great still. Posted via Mobile Device...

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My adventure into a "Muddy Tank"!
Old 08-22-2013, 07:31 PM   #51
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It looks great still.
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Old 11-06-2013, 12:14 PM   #52
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Well guys/gals this tank as of today is no more. It got to be no more then a holding tank for pest snails that I didn't like and had no place to put. Btw pest snails to me are Ramshorn!! I HATE those snail with a passion! I dont know why but just do. Anyways the dirt got to the point it would mostly stay in place even with adding water. Yeah most of the time that tank just got topped off when it got low for the simple point I couldn't take the noise of the water bubbling from the sponge filter when the water got low. I never did anything else with this tank to be completely honest here. My work schedule has gotten a lil crazy and its hard for me to do much of anything any more plus other issues going on. Soo I decided to take this tank down. I have a sponge in my 29 gallon that's been there forever to use for a QT situation and will be using this tank for that if I need. Till then its been put up in storage. Thanks for following along on the adventure even tho it wasn't much of one!

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Always sad to see the ending of an era. . .

It was a fantastic adventure! You proved once and for all that it IS possible to have a capless dirt tank (eeeh, provided there aren't any substrate fish stirring it up!)

Thank you so much for being brave enough to give this tank a try, and for sharing your experiences here with us! *hugs*

I have learned a lot from you - through this thread and so many others (not all journals!) and I KNOW that there are many other people on this forum (and lurkers besides - which I have to admit to often being one of!) who have, too! Thank you for always taking the time out to help me along my way, and for committing to keeping all of your personal tank threads updated with your own experiences as you learn and grow in the hobby. . . we are SO LUCKY to have a member like you here on TFK!!!

I know. . . I'm getting mushy again. I can't help myself! It's always so sad to say goodbye to a good thread - and a fun tank! *sniffsniff* Just glad I don't have to say goodbye to good ol' Boredomb! *luffsJohn*

. . . can't wait to see where your next adventure takes you, my friend!


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Old 11-06-2013, 04:34 PM   #54
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Ahh well. As they say, it was fun while it lasted. But I certainly do understand the need to shut down tanks. As much fun as this hobby is, it's a lot of work.
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