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My Active Tanks & Stock 5/24/14

Here's some shots of the current active tanks that I just took... Got a few on the back burner waiting to go up ASAP so updates will follow.

Current stock as follows:

SA/CA Cichlids - 6 electric blue jack dempsey, 2 festae, 1 belly crawler pike cichlid, 1 dovii, 1 white tilapia, 1 flowerhorn, 1 managuense, 1 ocellaris hybrid peacock bass, 1 ocellaris peacock bass, 1 monoculus peacock bass, 1 azul tocantins peacock bass, 1 kelberi peacock bass, 2 regani pike cichlids, 4 apistogramma agassizii blue

African Cichlids - 1 nile perch, 2 tilapia buttikoferi, 2 burundi frontosa, 1 mpimbwe frontosa, 2 venustus, 2 zebra obliquidens, 1 tiger obliquidens, 1 ob peacock, 1 masoni peacock, 1 german red peacock, 2 yellow labs, 1 red zebra, 1 tangerine tiger hap, 1 pundamilla nyererei, 1 deep water electra, 1 exochromis anagenys, 2 electric blue ahli, 1 cyno afra hara, 1 fireline mloto, 2 orange fin compressiceps, 1 sunshine compressiceps, 1 black congo calvus, 1 xingu black calvus, 2 zebra calvus, 1 gold head muzi compressiceps, 1 nkamba bay yellow compressiceps, 1 white calvus, 1 firefin compressiceps, 2 kilesa, 2 julidochromis marlieri, 2 julidochromis dickfeldi "midnight blue", 1 eretmodus, 1 buescheri, + various females & fry

Predators - 1 hairy puffer fish, 1 hystrix stingray, jardini arowana, 3 tiger datnoids, 2 hujeta gar, 1 striped pike characin, 1 endlicheri bichir, 1 ornate bichir, 1 tire track eel, 2 red pacu, 1 clown knife

Shoalers/Community/Other - 1 carapo knife fish, 1 marci rainbow, 2 madagascar rainbow, 2 turquoise rainbow, 2 australian rainbow, 3 nigrans black banded rainbow, 3 pumilus gourami, 6 clown loaches, 1 skunk loach, 2 red tail burmese tiger loaches, 1 syno dwarf petricola cat, 1 syno zebra cat, lots of purple rasboras, lots of rummies, + various others

Plecos - 1 green phantom, 1 L168 butterfly, 1 mustard spot, 1 rhino, 1 clown, 2 calico ancistrus, 1 bn, + tons of bn fry

That's about as good of list as I can come up with right off hand. I'm sure there's a few missing but that's basically the current stock as of today. And now for the pics.

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I love your tanks, theyre really cool, I wish I was that creative with my aquariums:(
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