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My 60 gal FW tank

Here are pictures of it with and without flash. It seems a little bit empty to me so whatever advice to enhance it would be appreciated, I've just been waiting for the plants to grow for awhile.
Current inhabitants:
2 Snakeskin Gourami
2 Pearl Gourami
3 Regular Pleco (Young)
1 Gold Nugget Pleco (Young)
6 Male Guppies
3 Female Guppies
2 Green Spotted Puffer
3 Angelfish
2 Fiddler Crabs

and some snails for the puffers to snack on. The puffers have been, to my surprise, very peaceful. At first they were nippy and mean but every time they did something I didn't approve of I would knock on the glass near them and scare them and they seem to have learned.

No Flash:


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Puffers enjoy a brackish environment. I would probably nix the puffers or move them to a brack tank. A school of harlequin rasboras, cardinal tetras, or emperor tetras would be a fine addition. Make sure to get 6 or more of each. They tend to survive better in numbers.

Add more female guppies if you intend to keep them. A good ratio with guppies is 1m/3-4f.

Adding angels is always a good option.
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well once some of the fish grow,it will look fuller.
you culd always add a couple more plants,
i think it looks lovely by the way. :)
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Thanks, I'm also thinking about getting rid of the blue gravel and replacing it with black sand. As you can see right now I have a layer of flourite underneath the blue for the plants. My question is if the plants will do fine in sand or should i leave the flourite for them.

I also realize that the puffers are brackish but I buy my fish from a large wholesaler who has recently started a large retail store and they have kept them in true freshwater for a long time and have never seen problems. But I am willing to give them up if I see problems that creep up. So far they have been healthy and very active in freshwater for the past 2 months.
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i think a more natural color substrate would give the tank a better look than the blue.

also, if you want, some floating plants would probably be appreciated by the gouramis.

and to be honest, you have a fair amount of small fish in a big tank, so if they all spread out, its going to look empty. all i could think of to help fill in the middle of the tank would be to possibly build some sort of shelf (i used to have a small one in my 10 gallon) i think that would add a bit of life and fill it in more, or some sort of schooling fish would probably be interesting to watch swim around the tank.
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I used to have a school of Tiger barbs (8 ) and neon tetras (7) but the tiger barbs killed all the neons and some other fish so I got rid of the Tigers and have been thinking about getting 7 neon tetras again.
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i also think a more natural looking gravel would be better. i also think more plants especially tall ones would give it a nice look. as for filling it in, i think you should get some larger fish. most of the ones you have are small (or small at the moment) so it looks empty. schooling fish would be good to. even if they are small if they stay in a group the tank will look much more full.

these are some suggestions: mollies, swordtails, rasboras, CARDINALS OR NEON TETRAS(a big school), RAINBOW FISH, butterfly fish, KNIFE FISH(i dont know their temperment so do some research first), SILVER DOLLARS, CLOWN OR SKUNK LOACH, CORYS, glass cats, DWARF GOURAMI, black neon tetras, RUMMY NOSE TETRAS, SILVER SHARKS, white clouds.

hope i helped and gave you some good ideas!

by the way i LOVE the wood set up! :D
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I just bought 6 neon tetras and 2 opaline gourami. I'll see how they do and might end up buying 3 or so more neons for a larger school. Thanks for all the tips.
And for the gravel I've been looking at the Seachem Onyx Sand. Has anyone had experience with it? I think it would look really good and it is good for plants.
Also with the butterfly fish, do they ever swim deeper into the water? At my LFS the butterflies are always right on the surface. They look neat but I don't know how I would like fish that are always at the surface.
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i think the school of neons was a good idea. i think they stay at the top of the water almost all the time. i'm not a fan of that either but everyone has different tastes. i think rainbow fish, silver dollars, or sharks would be great additions becuase of their size. loaches would bring some life to your tank too. just make sure that they wont eat your neons!
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Well the angels didn't like the new neon tetras very much and managed to chase one into the filter where it died, because I didn't notice that it was stuck quick enough. However the angels seem to be used to the remaining tetras and have quit harassing them. In a few days I think i might get a few more neons and 3 clown loaches. Clown loaches seem to be very social and active, from the videos I've seen, and would be perfect.
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