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My 55-gallon

Here are some pics of my 55-gallon tank. Occupants are 4 zebra danios, 1 giant danio, 1 male swordtail, 1 female betta, two cory cats, 1 angelfish, and 3 neon tetras. A random mix, but several were rescues from a friend's tank that had to be torn down.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions on how to improve or add to it are welcome!

Best wishes for your fishes!
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Nice acrylic tank, isn't often you see them around and looking good like that. Only thing that would be better would be live plants ;)
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Ditto with Chris. Live plants would be more preferable.:) Nice tank.8)

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I agree - I would dearly love live plants. Only problem is that it is in our bedroom (the only place it would fit) and my husband works nights. So between our two different schedules, we could never leave the light on long enough to keep even low-light plants alive! The minute he gets a new job, though, I am investing in live plants and better lighting. :)

Best wishes for your fishes!
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I was just kidding but if you do decide to get real plants all the better. The tanks looks great and I especially love the orange Lyretail, they are very hard to find here and are rarely in good shape if you do find them.
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Funny you should mention about the good shape of my lyretail sword. He was a rescue from a friend's tank - the friend had a red-tailed black shark that was beating up all of the other inhabitants. When I first got the swordtail, he was missing most of the lyre, his dorsal fin was mowed down to about half its regular height, and he was missing scales all along his back. The kink in his lyre is a scar from where it regrew. I hope to breed him sometime because he is such a neat fish, but his gonopodium was severely damaged as well so I don't know if he is even capable of breeding anymore. At least he survived and is now happy!

Best wishes for your fishes!
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i think you have done really well with you tank,
looks great. :)
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yes looks very Nice, If or when you get live plants I would take the fake plants off your hands. for my silver Dollar tank :)
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