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my 30g fw tank

this tank has 5 albino barbs, a purple spotted gudgeon, a convict, 2 chinese algea eaters, a pleco and a dragonfish. everyone gets along well enough with the convict being the most pushy but the others are either big enough or plenty enough to keep her in line. not that there's ever any real problems, just a dart or attempted nip here or there. but overall a very peaceful tank for all.
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Lovely clean tank squiggles. :)
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Nice set up you have there :)

got any photos of the pleco?

there's a storm a coming........
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nice tank!

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Beautiful setup :)
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Nice setup.

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Great job on decoration! Looks very good, I bet you have some happy fish in there! :D
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thank you, this tank is our biggest. We don't have the cash for aquariums we'ld like (isn't that the case usually?) so we took our time to set this one up nicley. The bubbles are new but that tanks been up and running for about 9 months. It gives us a nice peaceful thing to watch at bedtime.
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That's a really lovely looking tank you've got there squiggles :)
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A Dragon fish? Would love to see a pic of it, there are many different kinds. If it is the violet goby then that can reach up to 24 inches, and may start ambushing your other fish, if not fed properly. And I believe dragon fish live in Brackish water, but assume can adjust to fresh/marine. Do you have a common pleco? Those can also reach over a foot long and both will need a much bigger tank in the future.

But nice tank otherwise!
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