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Give away the CAE or sell at half the price you bought it. What pleco do you have? If this is one of the common plecos often available in the store, this must also be rid off before you find yourself cleaning the tank more than necessary. They contribute too much bioload. I'd replace the CAE, red tailed black shark and pleco with any of the following: otos, nerite snails, L010a, queen arabesque, bristlenose pleco or clown pleco (Panaque maccus).

Get rid of the blue gourami before it starts bullying its smaller tankmates. Honey gouramis or sparkling gouramis but with sparkling, you may be unable to keep male guppies in the tank considering sparkling gouramis tend to harass anything with flashy fins. This has happened in my experience before. I underestimated the timid attitude of the sparkling gouramis.

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Originally Posted by Lupin View Post
Get rid of the blue gourami before it starts bullying its smaller tankmates.
ok I understand all your other stuff but that! my gourami i protects every fish that was in the tank before or at the same time as him.. I once got a giant mollie and it was harassing my balloon mollie so the Blue gourami protected the balloon mollie and killed the giant mollie.. it never has hurt any of my fish besides the mean ones in there after him.

Changing my 30gallon freshwater tropical. Into a aggressive fish tank.
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JHK30, you said you researched fish b4 you bought them
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I do just like my one gourami harassed my other. they aren't supposed to but its the same as life. humans are supposed to fight but some do.

I research fish EVERY time I buy them

Changing my 30gallon freshwater tropical. Into a aggressive fish tank.
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WOW!!! GREAT TANK!!!!! I'm jealous!


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nice tank and fish,except for the evil algae eater !

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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my golden algae eater is fine it swims after other fish but no harm is ever done and my to red tailed sharks are doing dine together
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