My 29 gallon
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My 29 gallon

This is a discussion on My 29 gallon within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Over a course of about a year and a half, i have had six different tanks set up, some of which i didnt even ...

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My 29 gallon

Over a course of about a year and a half, i have had six different tanks set up, some of which i didnt even stock. I started moving fish around and working things out until i ended up eventually with 2 tanks. A 20 gallon long for my cories, and my oldest tank, the 29 gallon for my tetras and 2 awesome loaches. The room that these tanks wer in is the room that nobody goes in. Its pretty much a cave. There are a large series of baby gates and other barriers used to block access from the dog to get to this room, making water changes a challenge. plus it was so far from a sink that hauling buckets throughout the house was just getting rediculous. I finally made the decision to set up a practical aquarium in my bedroom so it would be easy to keep an eye on and take care of. Its a 29 gallon aquarium with an aquaclear 50 filter and a stealth heater. My journey of fishkeeping so far has taken me in a big loop. I say this because this tank is the first tank i ever owned, and because these fish are some of the first fish i ever owned (except for 2 flame dwarf gouramis i got recently). So I am back to where i started. Heres some pictures.

the tank looks smaller in the pic for some reason

AquaClear 50 I really recommend this filter

One of my gouramis checking out the camera

Tank and stand.

Sorry I only have 4 pictures at the moment. I was taking random pictures of my gouramis and they were all blurry, so i only ended up with 4. I will post some more later.
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tank looks great,and the gourami is sweet too.
look forward to seeing more pictures.
i feel thay way about my rekord,i give up with the amount
of times it's been set up and then dismantled,all that bacteria
gone to waste lol :)
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Wow your tank looks sweet! When you get a chance can you take a pic of how far the tank is away from the wall. I want to switch from undergravel filter to you type. But I want to see how far away from the wall the tank will be.
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Tank looks great! And you recommend the AquaClear filter... That is good to know. one of my friends was asking me about them, and I didnt know too much. Looking forward to more pictures!
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