My 20 gallon tank
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My 20 gallon tank

This is a discussion on My 20 gallon tank within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> I keep my 20 gallon tank in my bedroom. Not a whole lot as far as fish; one algea eater, a few rosie red ...

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My 20 gallon tank

I keep my 20 gallon tank in my bedroom. Not a whole lot as far as fish; one algea eater, a few rosie red minnows, a fancy guppy, and a red ear slider turtle. When the turtle gets too big, he'll move into a new tank, and this one will be stocked with fish only.

Algae eater

RES and the two minnows

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That's neat!!! This may sound totally stupid question to a turtle keeper like yourself...but pls bare in mind all i ever dealt with is there actually any turtles that stay pretty small for a normal sized tank to keep in forever that would be fairly easy to purchase somewhere?
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Nice pictures! Great shot of the algae eater. Looks so cute peaking out of his cave.
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Cute baby red ear slider!

There are musk and map turtles, but IDK how easy those are to get.... any turtle you keep will need a basking area and a special sun bulb that is nessacary for them to produce vitamins.... I forget how it all works.....
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There isn't any turtle that can stay in a 20 gallon it's whole life, but there are some species that are "smaller" in comparison to other species.

Map turtles (there are many species of map turtle, for example, the mississippi map turtle) are smaller, the males will grow to be about 5 inches in diameter, while the females will grow to be about 12 inches. The rule of thumb is that a turtle needs at least 10 gallons of swimming water per every inch of shell.. for example, a 5 inch turtle needs a 50 gallon tank, and a 12 inch turtle needs a 120 gallon tank. You can buy a Mississippi map turtle for about $25 on the internet, but you won't know if you're getting a male or female.

I believe spotted turtles also stay small-ish, adults of both sexes growing to about 5 inches, and they are very unique, although more expensive to buy.

There is a lot of turtle-specific info to learn, but it just takes a little reading and practical application. If you decide you want a turtle, PM me and I can answer whatever questions you have, or direct you to a fine turtle forum.

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Well then I think I'd be better up picking some up next time we're down there again
But from what I read here (and read online) I think it'd be MUCH better if I was to built them a pond out here; I just wouldn't wanna risk housing them "inappropriate"..
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Your turtle is SOOO CUUUUTEEEE!
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Thanks Stephanie!

Angel, outdoor ponds have their ups and downs just like tanks, if you want some more info on how to do either, check out :: Habitat Directory Personally, I would love to have an outdoor pond, but my location and money don't allow it right now. That, and my turtle is still and itsy bitsy, I'd lose him

The website I posted also has a forum full of very intelligent and experianced turtle keepers, if the time comes that you want your own turtley friend.

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Well we actually have a 'natural' pond here that oval in shape and easily about 20ft by 30ft in dia. Tons fresh Mtns water coming in all the time (cause we have a gazillion natural springs on the property) so maybe working it "up" to leave it natural but more ariated would work for some turtles fish...I'm just concerned cause naturally we have a BUNCH snapper turtles in the yard all the time how they'd play along I donno (sorta like the fish compatibility know what I mean)
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loving that turtle.
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