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This is a discussion on My 120 Gallon Log within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> I love the dancing of small rainbowfish species. ^_^ They are fun to watch. Do you only have one male? You should get more, ...

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I love the dancing of small rainbowfish species. ^_^ They are fun to watch. Do you only have one male? You should get more, they're fun to watch spar.
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It looks as though I have 3 males to 5 females. Plenty of love to go around haha.

My Kribensis also laid eggs again. Curious to see how they do this time.

Also my two Bolivian Rams, who I though were the same gender, and had others on here tell me the same, are doing this little mating dance and moving gravel around.
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Well it seems that the other fish are plenty happy. :D
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Just a quick update. No pics this time around.

I haven't lost any other fish besides the Roseline Sharks. I'm starting to think it was just an unhealthy batch and not my tank.

The Kribensis have about 20 little wigglers in their log, maybe more. Interested to see how they do with them this time with so much more space.

My Bolivian Rams laid eggs. There doesn't seem to be any left as they chose a high traffic area and laid them right in the gravel, but they are still protecting their spot. Best part is I thought they were the same sex.

I pulled a leaf that was floating around the other day out of the tank. It had eggs on it, in like a jelly substance. Not sure who they belong to.

My Celebes Rainbows seem to be loving the tank. Every few days the males get really dark and start showing off for the females. Great looking school.

Fred's doing great. Eating, swimming around, all around a happy looking fish.

All my pleco's hide in the two pieces of driftwood constantly. They seem to be in their glory.

My Opaline Gourami has become somewhat of a hermit and rarely comes out of hiding.

My Odessa barbs stopped schooling for some reason once the Roseline Sharks died. I'm not sure why. As I had mentioned, the Odessa Barbs, Roseline Sharks, and Celebes Rainbows had all been schooling together while the sharks were still alive.

And the Cories and Otos seem to be doing great as well.

All my plants seem to be doing great as well. Eventually want to add more.

I did have a slight, slight nitrite spike today. I'm keeping an eye on it.
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Oh boy have I been neglecting this thread. Unfortunately I have no pics of the tank at this time, but I'm about to change it around anyway. I'll try to update everyone as to events in the tank from last post to now.

I increased my Celebes Rainbow school from 8 to 12 but unfortunately lost 2. The remaining 10 seem to be doing well.

My Odessa Barbs are now down to only four. Lost all my females except one whose gender I'm not quite sure about.

I lost my remaining two Balloon Rams. The both started looking terrible and then passed within a few weeks of each other.

My Kribs. Let's start with the single female. She had some weird eye thing going on but it seems to be clearing up. She still chugs along.

The couple. Their last set of wigglers slowly dwindled until there were four left. They were doing good until suddenly they were all gone and she had a fresh batch of eggs. After a few days I noticed one of the original four had survived. I was thrilled. I thought, look at this little devil beating the odds. This was a few weeks ago. Within the last 12 hours I have found that at least three of those original four had actually survived. I'm quite thrilled. They're all adorable. She has about 7 wigglers left from her current batch.

Added some Turquoise Rainbows, two males three females. They're nice, color isn't too vibrant but they hang with the Celebes Rainbows and it makes for interesting interactions.

I also added a Black Ghost Knife. Such an interesting fish to watch. Honestly. He catches my attention every time he comes out of hiding.

Everyone else in the tank is doing great, no other issues to report. I am a bit curious as to the number of deaths I've had as water parameters have literally been perfect but I'm taking it as it comes.

Also, plants are doing good as well. Like I said, once I redecorate a bit in the tank I'll hopefully have pictures up soon.
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Old 04-22-2015, 12:27 PM   #16
I'm sure many of you have noticed my abrupt absence from this site. I thought I could give you all an update.

Without going into too many details, I needed to get away from my then current living situation. My girlfriend at the time and I had reached our breaking point and there was no way to reconcile. I basically had a day to get everything I needed to out of the house. Unfortunately, this mean I had no time or ability to take my beautiful fish tank with me.

And going back for it at a later time just wasn't an option. So I lost all of my fish, and all of the time and effort I put into the tank. It's been really hard on me and I miss my tank and fish a great deal.

However, I'm in a new apartment, with my lovely new fiance and they has been amazing. Right now, large fish tank for me as we plan on moving again next year after the wedding. However, we have been discussing getting a Betta tank, hopefully soon.
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