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my 10 gal

current setup


bumblebees. arent they cute?

hillstream loach

dwarf frog

larger video here

---10 gal---
4 tiger barbs, 2 bumblebee gobies, hillstream loach, 3 neon tetras, black sail cory, panda cory, 11ish ghost shrimp, pond snail
---2.5g nano---[/URL] <---NEW CLICKY!
Anacharis, Micro Sword, Driftwood and river rocks. 5 Danio Choprae, 2 ghosties
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Very neat pics.

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i had a frog but he want to find out what the inside of a filter looked like
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Beautiful photos, the bumblebee is adorable i have never seen one of those at my lfs before very cute.
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Nice setup mate, very good looking!

my gf had 2 of those frogs, i couldn't believe how vicious they were, one murdered the other one within days and was the boss of the tank until she introduced a soft shelled turtle!!

The gobies are very very cute as well :)

there's a storm a coming........
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Absolutely stunning pictures weaselnoze, and I love your tank!
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That last picture of your frog is fantastic! He's looks like he's getting ready for a long jump.
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I love that goby! How big will he get?,Is it a true fresh or is it a bracish water goby?
That frog is relly cool. does he require any special care?
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really good pics! love the setup!


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Great photos!
Nice tank too, the bogwood aquascaping is gorgeough. The bublebees are so cute, I have to walk past hurriedly when I pass them in my lfs, so I don't buy one! :P
Well done, good job. :)
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