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More of my 55 front tank and my 30 gal

(pictures are bad, color gets a little weird and it gets all fuzzy in some of them)
so I now have

-8 7 stripe frontosa (4 to 3 inches in size)

-6 dolphin (5 to 4 inches and one 3 inch baby)

My dominate male front has made the cave on the left side of the tank HIS! he built up a "hill" of gravel in front of the cave and i think that is so cool (i see him moving rock to the top of it all the time) this picture has a red outline of the hill, it was FLAT there b4 he started doing his digging.

This is a picture of him inside of his cave, with flash. he has very nice stripes that did not show up in the picture

some more pictures of my other fronts (i didn't/can't get a picture of all 8 at one time, they are all over the tank and the only time they all come out is when i feed them)

and the right side of my tank...

the whole view...

and the dolphins(with flash)...

my breeding pair of dolphins, she has a mouthful in this picture(she is on top, father is on the bottom[my dominate dolphin cichlid])

and my 30gal green terror tank.

"Leo" is about 8 inches with this fins. I have put tiger barbs, and other things in with him just to have them disappear in a few days lol. it's all good tho, since i get all my fish for wholesale price from the store i work in(me and my boss are good buddies :D )
anyways here are some pics...

hrmmm..... where did he go?
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also, i love comments. so leave one please. (even if it's bad i want to hear it)

and just to clear one thing up. i know how big my fish will get. a 90gal tank is planed for the fronts and the green terror will be moved to the 55.

idk what i will do with the dolphins, maby keep a few and get rid of a few

just have to get my money back from uncle sam at the end of the year and bigger tank here i come! lol
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Nice fish! Glad to hear the GT will be going to a bigger home. He's a beaut.
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lovely fish,thanks for sharing. :)
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well now 3 of my dolphins have mouthfuls so it looks like my male has been getting a little frisky
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incredible cichlid tank, i love the black gravel and rock combination
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awsome fish! i love the GT! he is so beautiful. your rock set up looks really nice!
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Lovely setups you have there comando, and lovely fish

ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ
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thanks here is a better picture of the frontosa
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the green terror has been moved to a 75g and now has a JD tankmate and 2 smaller convicts as dither fish, the jack dempsey will feed right out of my hand, he is such a nice peaceful fish :D.

when the fronts get big i will remove one or two of the males(depending on how many males i end up with) and then put them in the 75 and move the GT and JD to the 55.

i do water changes every other day as to help with the growth of the fronts. they are getting bigger little by little :D
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