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so did you bolt it to the wall? im probably gunna get one soon.

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Originally Posted by serpaekeeper45
so did you bolt it to the wall? im probably gunna get one soon.
naw, no real need to. It is so heavy that even on carpet it would take some one wanting to tip it over to do so.

If I were you, I would save up for the tank and stand, and then when you have enough for that save until you have DOUBLE that! Stuff adds up pretty fast. I have been trying to keep costs down myself and it is very hard to do so.
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Originally Posted by comando489
Tell me what you think!
Once again you are "doing very good"! and thanks for reviewing the posts in detail as I have said earlier "it takes more than a minute or two to put these together and edit them!".

The only thing which I can recommend with respect to the slate is:

1) slate is a metamorphic rock and is composed of clay minerals which "in the terms which I understand have been subjected to extreme pressure and heat".

2) if it were me I would put the slate in your 10G tank (or another convenient vessel) and add "like 5 times the quantity of dechlorinate recommended for 10 gallons or the volume of the vessel".

3) "swish" them around every 8 hours or so for a day and add another "5 times the recommended quantity of dechlorinate".

4) "swish" them around every 8 hours of so for another day before putting them in you tank.

The above may be "way overkill" but "in my brain" you did very good in cleaning them with bleach but it is "just not worth" having "a bunch of" dead fish because of free chlorine existing in what "should be" metamorphic rock.

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ok so I am starting to think about what fish I want in the tank.

I know that I want Chiclids, and that I will want about 10-13 of them in the tank.

I know that I want the yellow ones that my LFS has (yellow labs i'm pretty sure)

I also know that I want a good mix of blue, mabe one all white, some with stripes and mabe a purple one (I dont know if I will be able to find a purple one and also I think they are $$$)

I also think the ones that have a rainbow of colors are cool but i'm not sure if I can mix them with the ones that I just said.

When my cichlids get a little larger I would also like to add a needle nose because I want to feed them live food and I love the way they "hunt".

I think I will go to my LFS's tomorrow and see what they all have and create a list of what I can get in my area and then go from there.

edit: I took the rocks out of the tank. I am thinking that I may go with fake tree roots or something like that. I just want to see whats out there first.
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i dont know much about cichlids but we have the same tank.
i was gonna make mine reef but it the glass on bottom is tempered so i couldnt drill it. looks whole lot better than mine
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Looks great! I just got finished setting up a 55 gallon almost exactly like yours (different stand/filters). Just waiting on the water to cycle and it will house some great discus I have!

You may want to consider Texas holey rock. It's white and might look great contrasted by the black gravel and rocks. Plus its supposed to be great for cichlids and helps to balance pH. Most LFS have it, but usually smaller pieces, there are plenty of places online that sell it also.

I Look forward to seeing the updates!
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its coming along great 'mando! I'm loving the black/black theme. might I suggest perhaps tracking down some blue fake plants (unless you want real ones) with red fish? that would be one aesthetically striking combination :) Then again on the other hand with the black/black combination you can get away with just about anything you can find and still make it look great!

Keep up the good work, and keep those pictures coming!

Dedicated, converted, lowes / home depot bulb buyer!
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I got a bunch of assorted African cichlids (about 10 to be exact)... I also have 3 catfish now (one is a 4 line cat and is like 6-8 inches and the other 2 are spotted)

My friend also gave me some Columbian tetras that he needed to get rid of and they are fully grown and about 4 inches long and are beautiful. The cichlids leave them alone and they are doing great in the tank.

I also added another filter.

And I also added some led light strips. There are 6 strips, 3 in each "light bar". There are 2 green lights, 2 blue lights and 2 red lights. I can have any combo of lights on at any time because I gave each light a on/off switch so I can have red and blue on the left and just green on the right for example.

I got some black slate and one larger piece of that red rock and made some really nice caves out of it.

I will try to get pictures sometime...
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glad it's going well,look forward to updated pics.
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Looks like you are "really getting this one" "up and going"!

A few current pics would be nice.

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