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Well, they reached the free-swimming stage As you can see in the video below, Mom and Dad are doing a great job protecting their fry.
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Congrats Grandma, that is amazing and exciting. I'm sure Pete is just as thrilled as you are!!

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Yup, we're both pretty excited but I keep reminding Petethat they probably won't make it. I was thinking of covering the filter intake with a sponge, but I'm afraid if I start sticking my arm in there to pull off the intake tube to stick a sponge on it that it might scare the parents and they'll eat the fry. Hmmm

Also, I'm a bit concerned on when to start feeding them. SOME are free-swimming, most are not quite there yet. Should they all be swimming freely off the leaf before feeding? I can't quite pin-point the timing.
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Well I answered my own question. They are all officially free-swimming. Luckily, Pete (my husband) was home and on fish patrol. I walked him through how to feed them. I had him distract the other fish on the other end of the tank and feed the babies. He said they were swimming through the food. Hopefully a few will survive.

Kym, i have a feeling I'll be doing exactly what you did. Getting a tank soon for thenext batch of babies...hahaha!
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Oh, it'd be so good if some babies survive. I've found a baby platy in my tank and it is so cute and interesting. Baby angels would be even better. I'd love to see what they look like. Maybe one of yours might manage to hide somewhere and not end up eaten?
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I guess it's possible. The parents are keeping them in the corner to protect them better, but there's a lot of fish that can get them and they still have weeks before they are large enough not to get eaten. It will be a challenge for them, but a couple survivors would be really cool.
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Good Luck
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Thanks Last night there were 20-30 babies. This morning when I went to feed them I barely saw any, but the light was still off and they are tiny. Hopefully when I get home from work tonight there are still some left.
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Any update? I'm afraid since you stopped that everybody got done in!

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The fry lasted 2 days at the full free-swimming stage. They stayed right by the parents side. It was fascinating to observe. On the 2nd day when I went to feed the fry, the Rummynose Tetra got a good angle on the group and went after a lot of the fry. I think it panicked the female and she ate the remaining fry. That is only natural, as the parents would rather eat their own fry then have another fish eat them.

Last night I observed pre-spawning behavior once again. The male was chasing the other fish away. They were both cleaning leaves and the females belly is swollen again. Both their papilla's were visible (the tube that the eggs come out of on the female and the tube on the male used for fertilizing the eggs). I speculate I'll have more eggs within the 5 days or so.
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