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YOU ARE THE WORST, because those S. Axelrodi are literally the CUTEST FISHIES EVER
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No love for Indostomus paradoxus?

The hovering loaches (after 2 years mine are max maybe 1.3") spend some time on the bottom and some time following each other through midwater. If you're worried about it you can forego them or think about it after you get panda cories. The cories will be fine with the kuhlis, plenty of room. The leaves absolutely won't hurt them either. What do you think my cories have in their tank ;)

If you doubt me, just go check out Izzy's 29 gallon stocking. You have plenty of room even on the bottom.
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Man, if Chocolate gourami weren't so pricey, I would totally get 6 of them. But that's like $70 not including shipping xD

Okay, I was worried cuz I saw an article talking about how leaf litter might not be okay for them, it seemed odd to me but I wanted to be sure ^-^ It's still a maybe, though, considering I don't even know if my sister's lone one is still alive ;/ Or if there's a chance of recovery for him.

The paradoxus look really similar to the crocodilus? o.o I WANT THEM ALL

I still can't get over how teensy tiny those S. Axelrodi are!! Jeez...SF said you could keep like 25 in a ten gallon?? Is that advisable? o.o

One of the things I kept coming across about those fish was only doing 10%, frequent WCs. Seems a bit odd to me, as technically shouldn't the tank water be similar to the tap, and not a big deal if you fill slowly? Or is it a stress thing?
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Not sure where you saw chocolate gouramis for that price. I checked a couple of internet sellers I thought might have them and hit on both. One has Sphaerichthys osphromenoides 6/$30 and the other has Sphaerichthys acrostoma for $7 a piece.

Not sure what article you read about panda cories and leaf litter, so really can't comment on that.

S. axelrodi is Boraras size, so yeah that number doesn't sound out of control to me, especially in a species tank. Blue Sundadanio and bright red male mosquito rasboras...you know you want to do it.

Where'd you read the 10%? Was that on Seriously Fish? That site is down so I can't check.
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You're seriously an enabler.
I have that 20L sitting around...all I need is a stand, some substrate, a filter, a light....xD

LiveAquaria had them listed at $13 a pop, so 6 for $30 is much more reasonable...where was that?

Yeah, I read about the 10% on SF.

And I didn't realize the Mosquitos were that tiny too :o Here I was thinking 12 would be pushing my comfort for the ten gal. I don't think I'd go much more than 16 though, just for peace of mind...

If I did get the Chocolate Gourami I worry about how sensitive they're reported to be, and I'd want to make sure I had enough live food on hand (I have daphnia, and in the summer I can get mosquito larvae, but I'd like blackworms too just to be safe...)

But I mean from what I've read they seem pretty well suited to my tank? Thick floating plants, branches, leaf litter, a decent amount of rooted plants...
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HAHAHA!!!!!! You think I was enabling before! Just wait. I mean I was restricting myself. You know all the things I could suggest for a 20L to someone with water identical to mine? I mean I didn't even list any of the Drape fin barbs or shadow catfish!

Let's just stick with Southeast Asia and do a stream instead of a forest tank. Lots of rocks and some flow but not too much. Cooler temps as well. Lots of fish would look really good in there. Hara jerdoni, Akysis vespa, Akysis longifilis (but they get 2.1 inches compared to 1.4 for A. vepsa), Lepidocephalichthys annandalei (I think, can't look up parameters now), Microdevario kubotai, Vietnamese white clouds, Neon yellow white clouds, Dadio, Panther Danio, Glowlight Danio, Gold ring Danio, Dwarf spotted Danio

I can keep going for a while. You want native? African? South American?

SF is still down, so I'll check it out when it's back up. 10% seems small to me, but I've never kept them. I know water parameters need to be extremely stable for chocolate gourami though. The Wet Spot was where I saw them for that price.

How big do RCS get? Like .75 inches? So think of Boraras and Sundadanio as shrimp sized.
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Hmmm. I just did a water test out of curiosity, and it seems my ph went up a bit. Around 7.4/7.6, but my kh is 3 and my gh is 5. Weird...

I'm am SO stuck in a rut with forest tanks xD All my tanks will forever look the same!

Hmm...That would look interesting though. Lots of rocks, raised substrate in areas, with lots of crypts in the crevices.

Why am I so poor T___T

Ugh, I wish I lived where it was chilly so I could keep Axolotls. Those things are disgustingly adorable.

Asian fish are my favoooorite. Seriously some of the coolest fish.

Those Hara Jerdoni are adorable! I remember seeing one in a shop in Orlando. Really interesting fish.

What about Panda Garra? Would they appreciate a tank like that?
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You were correct with SF and chocolate gourami. The key there is that it says provided light stocking. Seems little to me, but in a lightly stocked species on tank I'm sure it's fine. You would have to decide for yourself.

You can come design me a forest tank. I'd take one!

A river looking tank offers plenty of options (not all of which I listed obviously) from low current and just the looks of one, to hillstream torrents. Panda Garra come from an area that is stagnant in the dry season, but raging torrents in the wet. So could they work? Yes, although it's generally agreed upon that they are more active with turnover from 10-20X. If you went that high you might be rethinking everything as they fish I listed wouldn't like it, crypts might struggle, etc.

Some of the fish I listed before need water in the low 70s. There are ways to help achieve that if you want. To further punish you for calling me an enabler ( :P ) be sure to look up hillstream loaches, Stiphodon gobies, Rhinogobius, cheetah catfish, and Schistura loaches. That a mix of stream types there. Pethia gelius/P. canius/ P. aurea would look nice in some tanks too with plenty of plants ie the forest tanks.
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Hrmm. Well, even after 2 weeks of no water change my water stays at 0s across the board (which is really interesting, seeing as I do have a low amount of nitrates in my tap). So I think I could reduce my WCs to like 20%? I always fill very slowly too, so I don't think it would be stressful?

Is it possible to have such high currents in a tank without creating a whirlpool? o.o And are there plants that could deal with currents like that? All I can think of are anubias which could tolerate that...oh man that'd be cool. Having rocks with anubias pushed into crevices, an assortment of tiny ones and large ones.

Hillstream loaches are absolute cutie pies! They don't even look like they should be real fishies ^-^

Sooo, you've gotten me hooked on the idea of Chocolate Gouramiiiiiiii. If I can save up enough I totally wanna buy a group of 6. It'll be around $65 tho o.o I think that's about what I've spent on all the fish in my tank currently, plus an extra $20 xD

I really need to get a handful of nerites in all my tanks, I hate scrubbing the glass. ;p
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You might be able to then. The plants obviously help you keep clean water. Have you done your research? What temperature do you keep the tank?

Well if you look at river manifold designs they seem to say you need a three foot, or better yet, a four foot tank to prevent backsplash. I'm wondering on a shorter tank if an oversized canister would work if the spraybar was pointed down the length with the intake on the far side. As far as plants Anubias are a good choice, but things like Java fern and Bolbitis should work as well.

Silly girl, I didn't talk you into anything. You did it yourself. I do however think your math is off. For next day shipping from there I paid $55. One thing to think about when you ship fish is that the more, the better. The shipping cost gets defrayed per fish. Just something to think about. Also this is where it all starts. Pretty soon you'll be at the point where you have over a $100 in plants in just an unfilled 10 gallon. or is that just me?

Nerites ren't big on soft water. That's my theory anyway, although snails hate my tanks.
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