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I'm a new Mom

This is a discussion on I'm a new Mom within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Thanks BarbH. I'm over the moon excited about babies fiinally after 4 years in this new house. It's taken a long time. This Callico ...

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Thanks BarbH. I'm over the moon excited about babies fiinally after 4 years in this new house. It's taken a long time.
This Callico Molly is so aggressive I moved the pregnant Swordtail out as well today as Molly has been chasing her too. I have time to move her back later as she gets bigger. And today I'm checking numbers on my 10 gal that has been running empty for over a month now, it used to house a Betta that died, and I just let it run to keep it cycled. The temp is higher so I'm trying to let it come down and I stirred up the gravel a bit to let the filter clean out some of the gunk. My Python would empty it before I could clean it... it's only 10 gallon.
Then I'm going to move the 5 babies out of the breeder box and into the 10 until the new mollies are born. then Mom goes back to the "big" side and I'll let nature take it's course if ever there are any more. Then I'll move Mamma Swordtail over to have hers.
I'm certainly enjoying this!! And keeping a journal of our progress.
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Ok another update! All 5 babies are in the 10 gallon that has been set up since Xmas. Nothing else is in there, my Betta passed a month ago. They Are Loving it in there! The filter is a bit powerfull but they are quite resourceful and found spots in the plants to sit for the night. So cute, they would scatter off and explore alone and then 5 minutes later they were shoaling together in a tiny little group. They already know my presence means food. They are so cute and about a half inch long. Two have tiny black tails already! One is still really tiny.
Mom in the 1/4 tank has settled right down. I took out the breeding box for now as she was obsessed that something was still in there. Hopefully I have to put it back in and rescue a new batch in the morning. She is huge and square and aggressive. Will keep ya posted.
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Callico Molly batch number 2! Saw and rescued 7.
So batch 1 was Aug 1st and batch 2 was Sept 5. 35 days between batches. And she was never returned to the big tank with the male because after the first birth she still looked so big I kept her in the QT. I caught her and moved her back today to the 75 gallon. Mr Molly noticed right away!!
I`ve pulled all the plants in the 10 gal to float at the surface and checked all my numbers. Only the Nitrate level is a big higher in the 10 gal so I think I`ll do a water change first. And the temp is too low so I`m raising it up till they are the same and then I`ll move the 7 to the 10 gal. Batch one is almost ready to go into the big tank or they can go into the QT for awhile.
I can`t believe they are the size of a Flax Seed , with a tail, and one is the size of a Sesami Seed. itty bitty.
I have a small F black Molly and a very fat Neon Swordtail F still in the QT.
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The other day I pulled my female Ruby Red Peacock out to medicate her for fungus in a 1 gal specimen box. The next morning I came out to 40 fry all over the bottom. Well that makes tank #6, another 10g to keep them in. LOL
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yes mrbprint... that's how it goes... figuring out how to house another batch. I don't like having the white plastic divider up in the 75gal but it is making a good space for the Mom's to have a rest. Sadly I found 2 more fry this morning, maybe they are the start of the Swordtail fry... One was outside the tiny baby tank looking in at all the other fry and I think Momma Swordtail ate it before I could get the net, and then rescued one in the back of the tank. So we're at 8.
40? Glad mine are coming in little batches. But I'm afraiid to look into the tank cause the fish think it's feeding time and then the fry get noticed.
yeah for babies!
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Congrats on the new batch Jackiebabie At least yours keeps dropping in small batches, mine when I keep her seperated keeps giving me large batches, will be nice when they are large enough to take to the LFS, but finding enough space for them all until they are larger has meant adding an additional tank to the collection. I'm not complaining though a good reason to be able to setup another tank
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SeaHorse (09-11-2011)
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Congrats on all your babies! :D
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SeaHorse (09-11-2011)
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I once had baby discus and they looked more like some parasite hanging on the side of my fish than anything. Fry are so difficult to tell at first what they are. Most are generally clear and don't have much shape. But they'll get older and slowly start to reveal who the parents were. Congrats on the babies.
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