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Question I just set up my new tank....Bubbles?

New Tank:
I bought a 29 gal tank with lighted hood and set it up less than a week ago, I've been buying bits and pieces for it for over a month now, I'm sure you know I was excited . I have a gravel bottom with an 18" bubble wand buried in the back attached to a 10-30 gal air pump, and a Penguin bio-wheel filter for up to 50 gal (I went overkill thinking I might keep my fantail and knowing they are dirty fish). I bought a beautiful castle for the fish to hide in as well. I'm going to put tropical freshwater fish in but I'm concerned about a few things. My new tank is full of tiny little bubbles, it looks like a giant snow globe with smaller particles. When I unplug my bubble wand the tiny bubbles gradually clear. Is there too much air in the tank? I can tell that the current from the filter is pushing the bubbles down into the tank as well. I don't know if this is a bad thing or not.... Also, I want to add live plants to this aquarium, I was told to wait until I got some fish before I plant it, but will the castle be enough for the fish I get until then? Will I have to buy fake plants to put in until I put in real ones? I don't want to purchase the fake ones unless I have to. Any help will be much appreciated, I want whoever I bring home to be healthy and happy
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WEll it seems that you have a very fine bubble wand, but bubbles are not bad for your aqauarium it keeps it well aerated. However, if you get live plants u need to lose the bubbles as they will take all the CO2 out and suffocate ur plants. U dont need fake plants. Also its generally recommended u add live plants BEFORE adding fish as it gives the plants an opportunity to establish themselves before the fish get there and will help cycle your aquarium and prevent stress for your fish.

Lastly, this thread is in the wrong section, it should be under the general Freshwater Aquarium section. A mod should move this so more people can help Blue.
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Thank you and sorry for posting in the wrong place. This is my very first time doing anything on this site. Where do I find the mod to move it? Tbh I don't even know how I posted it let alone in the right place or not, lol. I'm such a noob. No bubble wand with real plants? /sigh. It's so pretty, I'll be sad to take it out, but I'd rather have the plants I think. Again thanks!
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Haha some mod will find this and move it probably. As for the bubble want, if you really like it so much, you can try liquid carbon for your plants. Lots of people use flourish excel to supplement carbon since co2 systems are expensive, if im not mistaken, liquid carbon is less affected by gas exchange.
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