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Originally Posted by dfbiggs View Post
I will have to wait and see..now all the eggs are gone off the wall and there is no sign of the little guys. I think we had a lower hatch rate because we were switching the tank to tap water instead of RO. My only concern was the snails..they probably ate the eggs. I'll let you know how many of the little swimmers I see.How many do you hatch on average Kym?
My Discus tank is straight tap water and I was told (based on what I read) that my Discus eggs would never hatch. I'm glad my Discus don't read the same things I do, lol. I had 30 little free swimmers last batch, before they were eaten. Not that I'm able to count but it seems the intial spawn is approx. 100 eggs. Many Discus authorities will tell you it's not unusual for the parents to eat their free swimmers, that it takes them a bit of practice to get the "hang" of it.
After watching my pair carefully suck up each and every single wriggler that fell off the back of the algae magnet (their preferred spawning area) and spit them back out to be with the others I have a hard time imagining that they would then turn around and eat them.The fry began attaching to the slime coats of the parents in the early morning, the same time the clowns and yoyos become active and go on the hunt looking for food. My free swimmers made it to Mom and Dad's slime coats and once I saw that I ran to get the camera. I came back and they were all gone. A very sad day for me. I would have loved to have got those little fry on film.

I like Redchigh's idea. If you put some Almond Leaves in the tank they will become waterlogged and rest on the bottom. Snails can't resist these leaves. Just a thought...
I don't have to worry about snails, I have loaches. The loaches don't go near the eggs but I'm sure all it takes is one fry to lose its grip on Mom or Dad and in sweeps the loach snout.

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