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getting bit by piranha!

This is video of me getting bit by my piranha. YES i know im an idiot for doing this so plz dont criticize me about it. the fish was not harmed in anyway and is doing fine well, enjoy the video!!
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can I ask why?
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becuz of a bet
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O well that makes perfect sense then!! Congratz on winning your bet :P
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hmmmmm not sure what the point of your post is if not looking for the typical response from a forum such as this... if there is a conversation around this vid you would like to start please fell free to let us know other wise you really are opening up for a lot of negative responses..

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You shouldn't handle your fish unless you really need too. Stresses them out and can cause disease from you touching and wiping off the slime over there skin.

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That is the most stupid thing I have ever seen....
You have stressed out your fish and you might need stitches too.

I was bit on my middle finger 2 months ago by my P.natterii while cleaning the tank and it STILL is not healed.

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I'm not even going to say what I think about this video, as those of you who know me here know exactly what I would say anyway. Am I right??

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tah1795 (02-08-2011)
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I wonder how many forums you posted this video and how many criticisms you earned already.

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Originally Posted by Lupin View Post
I wonder how many forums you posted this video and how many criticisms you earned already.
i think i posted this on almost all of the fish forums... as for critisim, i think at least a couple hundred
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