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fishy photo op- lots of pics

Well I went to an auction last week and came home with way more fish then I should of lol. So decided to take some pictures today of the new and existing inhabitants. The tank is kinda a mess though as my crypts have taken over the right side lol.

where there's a will there's a way

First some of the boesemani that make up my breeding group. I just set up an actual fry tank for these guys. Hopefully there will be mini bosemanis soon
Dominate male showing off.

Non-dominant female

I broke one of my own pet peeves too lol. Added non-natural fish to a NPT. Two white anglefish, one's albino too... I did also end up with 6 slightly more natural looking angles.

My shy female GBR. Unfortunately her friends didn't take the move all that well.

Then I take way too many pictures of my panda garras, but I just can't help it .

A whale of a tail!

apparently, I haz a flavor ^_^

This is our worm!

Or maybe not our worm

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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I am in love with your Pandas. The pic with them all over your hand is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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Daw, those Panda Gars are adorable, how big do they get? And...what the heck is that thing? 0.0
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Is that an eal of some sort? I would not want that in my tank, it would freak me out lol
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^^ What they said :) Those pandas are absolutely to die for!!! And that eel is quite intriguing! Very VERY nice job! Lol i think the albino angelfish freaks me out more than the eel, i like that beast :)
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Fish auctions tend to do that to me too (get me in trouble!). LOL

Those Panda Garas are too cute and I love the Boes. Good luck with breeding them.

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I didn't even know there was such a thing as fish auctions. wow. Your tank is amazing! Want my tanks to get that "full" with plants.

Thanks for sharing those pictures


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mika do the panda garas get more colorful as they grow? the juvies i see at my LFS are alwyas kinda of blah and dont have that distinct of lines on them :(
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Originally Posted by patadams66 View Post
mika do the panda garas get more colorful as they grow? the juvies i see at my LFS are alwyas kinda of blah and dont have that distinct of lines on them :(
Yeah they do, but its not so much age as it is environment. They max out at 2.5-3". Mine I know are wild caught and I've had them 2 years. Given the current prices and availability I still don't think many are captive bred. They are surprisingly good at changing their colors though. The pale mottled 'blah' appearance they have in shop tanks is typical. A well balanced tank with lots of large rocks, driftwood, and large leaved plants is ideal. The current should at least be moderate. Strong would be best as they love current. Each fish should have its own 'shelter' - anything they can get under. While they happily fight over algae wafers, they should have a good amount of protein in their diet.

Mine looked like this when i first got them. There are 6 of them in all.

Mine tend to stay yellow, black and red most of the time. If they get excited they usually go darker, sometimes they almost lose the yellow completely. If two are quarreling they lose the black for a mottled pattern. They change color surprisingly quick when they want to. You will never see them show their true colors in a shop tank. Even in the right environment its not uncommon for newly purchased garras to take months to show their full potential. Mine took at least 3 months. It was longer before they started the cleaning behavior. This behavior will likely happen weather you encourage it or not, its a garra thing. Once they start and feel safe, you will never get them to stop.

The eel is my male caecilian, not an eel. He's around 20" long. A pretty strict scavenger by nature unless they become desperate(would take weeks of no food lol). He eats worms and chopped up raw fish. Most his food is about the same size as the fish he lives with, but he pushes them out of the way to eat. The worms he eats have to be injured too or he tends to just push them around. Most fish adjust to him pretty quick and don't feel threatened. The new angelfish I put in there splashed a little the first few nights. He swims around at night and runs into a lot of the sleeping fish lol.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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I just love your tank and your fish! I always enjoy seeing pics of the caecilian I think he is to cool!

Kindest Regards,

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