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first try at El Natural

My 1st real attempt at the El Natural method. 15 gallon tank about 4 months old. Still working on it, but the plants have filled in for the most part. Still not finished stocking though. I need to swap one of the light bulbs too cuz its too green/hates my camera. Its still slightly cloudy from me tearing it up a few days ago(one of the downsides of this method I guess). Currently has 17ish fish, untold number of snails/ shrimp, 11 species of plants. I'm pretty sure it follows all the El Natural rules, except wcs might be too frequent.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Sooooooo nice! You did a great job

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What is the plant around the rock?

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Good job!!! What are you lighting with?

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The foreground plant is stargrass.

Lighting consists of what I had laying around. Two fixtures on this tank. A striplight over the back half retrofited with 2 X 14 watt spiral compacts. Then the same fixture on the front with the normal 15 watt T8. The tank runs pretty much 3wpg. It started with 2wpg for the first month I think before increasing it. No algae.... so far lol.
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Lovely. Can't wait to see it fully stocked.

There's no rule that says your water changes are too frequent, it's just an element of el naturale that the tank is ok if you slack off. :)

Too bad that endler won't stay still... Looks like one of mine.

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^^ genius

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Very lovely indeed. A good symmetry, nice contrast in shapes. Beautiful. Well done.


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yeah wc's are 30-50% a week. This tank decimates the 20ppm of nitrate in my tap water, way more either of my high techs. I can't deal with low nitrate so I do wcs lol. Final stocking is going to be around a GBR pair, would like more nano fish but they are not too common around here. Current stocking is 3 sparrow rasboras, 7 ember tetras, 4 P. gertrudae, 3 male endlers, cherry shrimp, then various hitchhiker snails.

Setting up the substrate too a long time. I didn't mineralize it or anything. Just dug everything out of a wooded gully by my house. Clay, dirt, and then sand. I'm kinda use to the cloudiness by now, but the only powerhead in this tank is slightly too strong. No filter either, so it tends to just blow stuff round and round.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Was this the tank done in response to Redknee's challenge a while back? It looks absolutely fantastic. Its hard to believe its only 15gallons, the way you planted it gives it amazing depth.
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this tank is 15 gallons

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