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Finished Set-Up =D

i had to get Bagel a filter cos a rediculously thick protien film kept developing on her water. afte a partial water change and a couple hours with the filter, its pretty much completely gone. but yeha, getting a filter shouldnt be too difficult right? wrong! took me like four days to get everything up and running. i had to get a surge board to plug everything into and i needed to get a 15 foot extention wire. then i found out my outlet doesnt have ground plugs, it only has two prong sockets so i had to get a ground converter. when that was all good i duct taped the extention wire around my closet door. all i needed was the filter. which took me three days to get. everywhere was out of the 3i whisper filter. they had every size but that one XD. i only got it cos the manager at pet co was having someone from another store drive in some dog food and he got the guy to drive in a 3i filter too. kept it int he office for me so no one would take it =D

but anyway, i feel like posting pictures of my set up now cos i feel very accomplished after four days of total rediculousness.

i had to re-do the tape in one corner cos it came loose. thats why the wire looks so droopy XD

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RIP Ivan the Terrible and Billy the Kid
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I am sure Bagel appreciates your efforts. :D

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haha it was so worth it
bagel is a happier fish good job

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I really like the Sabre Tooth Tiger skull in the tank! It looks great. And ditto for me on Bagel appreciating your efforts.

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NICE!!! Be careful not to get your hand caught in that cats mouth!! :D

It looks good.

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I'm sure Bagel will love you for it. Or maybe just be a little less grumpy for a while :)

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the weird thing was, bagel was never any less active or grumpy-ish when the protien film was there. although she prolly is happier now that its easier to eat and breathe.

haha thanks i love that skull. its all rawr!
it makes an awesom cave. my fish seems to enjoy swimming in and out of the various holes in it =)

Proud owner of Bagel the Warrior.
RIP Ivan the Terrible and Billy the Kid
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well done to you for all the effort you have put in. :)
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Looks like a nice home for a little betta. I'm planning on getting a betta sometime later this year and I'm getting a T-Rex skull for his tank.

That painting on the wall, did you paint that from a magazine? I just threw away an issue of... well I can't remember that had that exact little weird squid thing on it.

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yay t-rex skull! the place i got it from had the sabor skull and a triceratops one XD

haha yeah, i dont remember what magazine either. i just though it was the ugliest and yet the cutest thign ever. so i did a 30in by 30in oil painting of it

Proud owner of Bagel the Warrior.
RIP Ivan the Terrible and Billy the Kid
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