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a few of my 10 gallon

I'm slacking on doing my accounting/database/lit. and cult. homework so i took pictures of my fish tank. it has 1 betta, 5 zebra danios, and 2 cory catfish.

first is the betta, aka "the don" he pretty much rules the tank, gets his food first, then when he's had his fill the others move in, etc. Yes, he gets along fine with all of his tankmates, he's flared his gills at the other fish twice. Once a danio nipped his fins so he flared his gills and chased him around the tank, and the second was when one of the corys tried to go in his log. he protects that thing like woah. you'll also notices he's in the pics fo the other fish. he tends to try to be the center of attention. he's funny to watch, if i sit at my desk and look over he acts normal, but as soon as i go to the front of the tank he follows me around and begs for attention haha.

the zebra danios are just straight up crazy fish. they dart around so i can't take pictures of them without blur(one is in the picture of the beta), and they like to play in the flow of the filter and chase each other around. pretty amusing fish.

last are the corys, named meaty and bruce. meaty because i just wanted a chubby animal named meaty at some point in my life, and bruce because he's crazy and has sexy green glittery spots. (meaty left, bruce right, as well as the don and a few danios)

overall tank:

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Well done. Slacking is fun~!
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"my ten gallon is better than your ten gallon"

fishie fishie fishie
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Originally Posted by MegK
"my ten gallon is better than your ten gallon"
Before I opened this thread, and saw that Meg was the last person to have posted, I knew some sort of "my tank is better than your tank" style post was going to be the post.

Nice tank Rusty - very colourful and your betta is beautiful! Cute cories as well. :)
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that's funny meg
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wow beautiful. !!! your betta is soooo funny!!! oh i see you mentioned that once you get close to the tank your betta "follows" you... my females do that to. i have them on my nightstand next to a pen holder. whenever i go reach for a pen, they follow my hand and study it the whole time.hey,again, very nice pictures! :)
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i love it. ! simply that.
no.......... actually.......... that's not it..............
how have you made the shelf thing it looks great,
i'm after an effect like that for one of my tanks,
and i would be greatfull to know how you did it. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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we bought it at the lfs. its attached to the tank by 3 suction cups, and the little stack underneath it supports it. they also have smaller ones so you can mix and match for a lot of cool designs.
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That's a very nice looking tank you have there rustyness, and great pictures :D
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cool beta
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