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Cycle Finished

Finally finished my cycle a couple days ago and figured I'd post up a new picture. Last one I posted i had no plants if i recall. On the center rock are some small Java Fern, Back left is anachris, to the right is java moss and the front left are some halfway(?) aquatic petco plants that look healthy so far.

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Looks good, I personally like a sand substrate. How many gallons is it? What fish are you looking at?

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have you thought about a background?
IMO black looks great and makes whats in the tank "pop out"
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Yeah I'm going to start with cherry barbs. Whenever i go to the pet store to get the fish I'll be getting the backround. What do you reccomend applying the backround with?
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Looks nice.
Congrats on the newly cycled tank!
I just use clear tape to hold my background on.
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there are all sorts of backgrounds. you can make your own or go with the pre-made aquarium kind.
if the tank wasnt filled and cycled i would suggest taping off the edges and spray painting a few coats of black spray paint or even going with something like this

since it already has water you can also paint something and then attach it as your background, wrapping paper even works, anything really. however the issue with alot of materials is that they wont hold up well in a spill so this why the pre-made aquarium backgrounds are best but i personally am a huge fan of spray painting a tank prior filling.
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If you are going to get a plastic type background, slip the top edge up under the frame top of your aquarium and then tape it to the frame top. I learned NOT to slip the bottom in or tape the bottom because when any water gets in between the glass and the background it makes a mottled effect. This way if the back gets wet or damp from any tank maintenance, it can be dried off.

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So as i was draining the water out of the bag after acclimation it tips over in my hand and 3 of them fall out of the bag one onto my chair and the other two to the floor, i picked them up and put them in the tank as quick as i could. the others got in fine. they all seem to be doing fine now and their colors are really coming out, a nice bright red. I got 6 cherry barbs in total, heres a pic.

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I love cherry barbs! They are so cute and hard to kill! lol!


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Nice tank and pretty fish! :)
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