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photobucket has the best resolution I have found for resizing pictures. I upload them at full size and resize them in photobucket. Most of my software kills the resolution when I resize.

BTW, how big is he/she and what do you feed it?
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I understand, pity really, the pics get really good when you zoom in on the various bits of thermi, crayfish are really weird when you get in close. It's like they are from another planet!

It's gonna be a bit of a re-shuffle, i haven't decided yet. I might just swap the ittle tank for a slightly bigger one, and keep thermi and the panchax upstairs. I've got a while before they all get too big. I'll save up and see what i can afford!

Thanks for all the nice comments! And thanks for the Tech advice JSM, i'm a bit rubbish when it comes to what to do after i've taken the pics!
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Nice but scary.

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Cracking shots Toby! Well done!
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great pics

all my crawfish died (2) i think it was the clown knife i used to have but i am not going to rish such a small ghost knife.

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Awesome Photos

Tracey :D
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OK, i give up trying to convert video formats - try going here to see Thermi in action!

Please excuse the quality, it's my first attempt at underwater videography!
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He is awesome, how big is he? Looks big.

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He's about 4.5" long at the mo, and hasn't shed in about 4 weeks, so i'm expecting a shed in about 1-2 weeks. He's awesome. I suspect he looks bigger as the camera is actually in the tank with him, pretty close too, so he looks bigger.

Having inspected the pics, i'm getting more certain that he's a he, as there are red patches appearing on his claws, but i'm not sure at what age these deveolp, so it could be just colouring
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That's an amazing video Toby - he's really interesting to watch. How much time does he spend hidden in the cave?
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