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Originally Posted by RSVBiffer View Post
Well that is certainly something different, definitely not run of the mill. Is he still trying to 'munch' everything ... Except his buddies of course ? Odd that he has 'paired up' with the plec as he is bite size

Haha. Well for the most part he behaves now .. As he has eaten all those he wanted too. Well he did eat a couple more CAEs that I had put in there to keep the angel baby boom under control.. So yea.. Murder rate is down lol. He's settled on *his* stocking plan...

I daily am amused by his odd friendship with his teeny tiny buddy.

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Originally Posted by Chesh View Post
Baybay is such a goof! >.<
I'm continuously amazed to compare his behavior to that of the wild-caught Bichir I've seen grow up on this forum - he definitely seems to have a much sweeter side to him. . . in spite of those pesky growth spurts! >.< I'm sure being hand-reared from birth in a tank has much to do with it, but I have to wonder how much is just his personality, too? Keep posting, Agent! You know how I adore this little guy! <3

I wonder about that too . He is f1 so his instinctual behavior shouldn't disappear or change that much.. Let's not fool ourselves though .. He's a not so little psycho, but an easy to love one . He was cared for by hands on style people before me .. Then I got him still soooo tiny.. What.. Like 3 inches? I'll have to look back. You know I dote on and mess with my favorite pets a lot haha.. Perhaps that's played a role . But I think a good portion is he is naturally an oddball for this oddball breed.
Jess , link me to the other ornate that was here!!! I'd love to compare!

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Chesh (02-13-2014)
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lol, I'm the same way! I love playing with my fish (and assorted critters)
Hmm, the one I'm thinking of started here, continues here, and this is where it ends (here, anyway). She continued her log on another site, hope they're thriving! I miss Queen!
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Are these quite a regular fish in the States then? Must admit I don't ever remember seeing one (or not that I noticed) over here. What size do they get to? Now watch somebody is going to come on from London and say "They are often on sale over here." If they are I will defend myself by saying my only real experience with freshwater tropical setups was my father's community tanks and it doesn't sound like they would have been a community tank for long with one of these in there.

Sorry if I am hijacking your thread with a load of questions but I am genuinely intrigued by this ax wielding psycho (without the ax of course).
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Hahaha.. Yes.. My huggable "little" psycho <3. I'm not really sure how common Ornate bichirs are. I have a few excellent fish stores in the area and when I saw him I HAD to have him. When he's done growing he'll be up to 24inch.. Hence the 240g upgrade coming. I has one in my garage but no stand.. Someone offered to buy it for twice what I paid so sold it as they are soooo easy to find for sale here. Can't wait till we get it set up and build stock around Baybay . Our big fish fish tank.
I'm thinking ornate bichirs aren't a common place fish to find in stores . Many of them are wild caught from Africa ... But mine was the lone surviving baby of two wild parents.

No.. Definitely wouldn't have that fish in the usual community tanks haha.. Most everyone would be a snack eventually . Baybay wiped out several hundred $$ of shrimp very shortly after entering the tank . And back in the beginning of this thread you can see just how little he was back then. I admit I knew that would happen and was ok with that. It's kinda cool to me how he chose his tank mates ..

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Yes, he has certainly grown and in a relatively short period of time, no mistaking him for a Neon Tetra .

The plec is going to be lost in the new tank. Excellent, look forward to seeing the big tank setup.
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Bichir baybay!

I can't wait either. Hopefully we agree on how to stock it 😄 So far we have her bichir and the arowana I will be getting for my 125.

125 - BGK, chanchito cichlid, pictus cats, silver dollars, palmas bichir
125 - cichlids (severums, bolivian rams, chocolate), rainbows ( turquoise, red), loaches (angelicus, zebra, kuhli and horseface), plecos (BN, RL and clown), denison barbs, tiretrack eel, pearl gouramis, betta
90 - Congo tetras, african knife, upside down cats, spotted ctenopoma, kribensis, delhezzi bichir
2.5 - betta

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Baybay is funnny
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