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I've never owned a betta, but my friend keeps his in a 29 gallon. It is very active and fun to watch. It has much deeper colors now than when he first bought it.

Oh, and your betta is lovely.

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My sister has one in a tiny "zen" betta cube. I think its only a half gallon in size. I feel sorry the betta but I don't want to offend my sister by telling her its cruel!
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I have 5 bettas, all of them are in filtered tanks, but I have one who hates a current, he will hide if the farthest corner and get stress stripes. I have him in a planted tank with the filter current broken up with plants. He is very happy there. My other 4 play in the bubbles, chase them...its entertaining to watch.
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Originally Posted by MegK
dont bettas originally some from rice paddies? which are really big but shallow and still?

even tho , im sure they would still love some current, but they are a slow moving gracefull fish
They're native to the Mekong River in Southeast Asia.

Since the males are territorial and cannot share a space they choose as their own with another male, they have to fight for the space or scatter, wiggling through slimy mud sometimes, and are often found in small puddles they managed to get themselves stalled in while searching for a larger area to live in. But if one in the wild decided to stay in his small body of water and another more exercised male wiggles his way into his territory, the unexercised male will be lazy and weak and lose his space or die. This is why it makes no sense to keep them in tiny spaces.

I can tell you, it's an incredibly popular sport in Thailand and they ones breeding for the "sport" don't exactly have the means to house them's only natural they'd use the excuse that "we find them in small puddles of water in the wild..."

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What then, would be considered good tank mates (30gal) for a male beta?
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I don't know...just not the small, currentless bowls(cups, rather)
suggested by some thoughtless store-owners.

It's a judgement call based on observation as opposed to hearsay.

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