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O.O I think *I* need to learn a little bit about leeches. . .
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I keep reading about leeches affecting specimens, but nothing says HOW it affects the snails. It seems like the keepers are the one more worried than the snails. I've only seen what i assumed was a leech like one time, and never saw them again.

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Just speaking from experience. You will notice them becoming less active over time and eventually lethargic. The leeches sap the life out of them over time. Pretty soon you will see more and more leeches and you won't just ignore them. Fish won't pick them off the snails, a lot of the leeches live inside the snails shell. Let me know how they get along.
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post #104 of 198 Old 04-10-2013, 10:07 PM Thread Starter
Thank you. I'll watch, and if they become worse off, I'll try to treat them. :)

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They are awesome snails though and I got a lot of babies so far. The baby yellows are so cute, but when I see one crawl by with a nasty leech stuck to his face, it makes me sick. I just want them gone completely. The salt baths seem to only get rid of some, and the way they multiply, it isn't good enough to eventually eradicate them. Now these snails are becoming more popular, I hope they find a true cure and the leeches become a thing of the past. Also if you want to know if they are wild or tank raised, the wild ones have the eroded shells near the tail end of their shells.
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I asked the seller, and he said they were tank raised. I have also had a lot of babies from my snails. My previous yellow had several and i have 3 or 4 of her babies left, but unfortunately she died. I never noticed leeches on her or her progeny, but I did on one of the yellows I received in my order, several weeks later. I'll be keeping an eye for them more now. They have been sticking their faces in the sand a lot more since I added a different filter.

I do adore these little guys. I can't wait to see what kind of research is done with them, and what more info we can get on them in the hobby. That's kinda why I started the log, since they're fairly new, and I've only recently seen more info lately.

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The other day i thought my biggest female was dead since i couldn't see her in her shell. but only a couple hours later she was out and about and just fine. weird critter
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GAH! Scary!!! Glad she's okay :) Rabbit snails are super cute. . .
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Agreed. i was going to be severely unhappy if she was gone. ugh.
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Better knit a leech for your snail now bekah.
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