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Hehehe... So Jes. A little ferret told me you have a new something that is a bit more interesting than plants around... :3
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Neh? Now I'm dying of curiosity! What is ittt?

Also you should ttoooooottttaaaallllllyyyy post pics of all your plant QT tanks!
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*starts picketing on the forum for more pics of Chesh's tanks lol*
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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
Hehehe... So Jes. A little ferret told me you have a new something that is a bit more interesting than plants around... :3
Someone ought to tell that little weasel to come out of hiding and pester me for pics himself!!! *giggle*
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Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
Someone ought to tell that little weasel to come out of hiding and pester me for pics himself!!! *giggle*
Something tells me you only told that one person and know who they are. I hope they can run fast! =p I admit I am curious as well...
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I promise it's nothing new and exciting. . . well, exciting for ME! ^.^ Very very very exciting!

Update pending tonight,I SWEAR!
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Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
Update pending tonight,I SWEAR!
Is waiting as patiently has he can.........
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Wink A convoluted update . . .

Yes, the 10g QT tank has been reincarnated yet again, and is housing some new inhabitants. . . can you spot them? No?!

Well. . . hrm.

Don't really see much in there but plants. Pretty plants, tho! That Anubias Nana has a rhinzome that's nearly a foot long!!! I see a couple of SanguineFox's little baby Java ferns, too. . .Most of them made their way into Becoming (and the tanks of others) ages ago. . . a couple of somewhat pathetic sword plants that were forgotten last time I put root tabs in. Poor neglected QT tank! Oh! Frogbit from DKRST (don't think he has a tank journal! O NOES!)! Very pretty, and just a *tiny* bit of the massive amount now crowning several QT tanks. . . Oh! And a Nerite or two, they're new. Zebra. There are four more scattered around in this tank or that.

What could be in here that has birdies and ferrets chirping all over the interwebz?!! *shrugs* It is a mystery, for sure!

Speaking of Mysteries, this tank has more than its fair share of those, it seems!

Mystery Snails, that is. . .when one of Boredomb's tanks got overrun with the little woobies, he offered them up for adoption . . . I just couldn't resist the little things. There *might* be some left. If you ask him really sweetly, perhaps he'll share?

So far they're doing well, and growing quickly! It's surprisingly difficult to get clear images of these little cuties! Whoever decided that snails move slowly has obviously never met these babies. They're RACING SNAILS! ^.^

I love the blue ones. They remind me of Mayla who used to live in the 29g. I hope this little one joins the crew in Becoming one day. . .

. . . I'm really fascinated by the purple ones, too. I'd never seen a purple Mystery snail! My daughter is itching to steal them out of the tank, lol. Sorry kid. . . MINE!

There are some white ones in the group, too, but I didn't get a good shot of them. Thanks for sharing, John! I adore these little guys! I've never had one from almost-birth before. They're soooooooo CUTE!

Speaking of snails. . . have you guys ever met Sparky?

Sparky is Sakura8's electric catfish, and he is THE CUTEST sweet potato sausage fish the world has ever seen. I pretty much worship him, truth be told.

If you aren't familiar with the tale, suffice to say that the life of a fish who zaps anything that comes near is a bit of a lonely one. . . and poor Sparkz was condemned to a life lived in solitude. Until one happy day, a harem of pink ramshorn snails (of all things) came to the rescue - adding a feminine touch, and a bit of company to Sparky's world! Though this is quite possibly one of the most unlikely combinations I have ever seen share a tank, it works well for them - pink snails seem to be oddly immune to electrical currents in the water.

And so it came about that Sparky decided to take over the world, which I was all for, and so sent his minions out far and wide to spread the word of Electrocat Love and Harmony to the masses. Some of them ended up here - because where better to crash than the home of a devoted follower. . .?

This isn't the most accurate representation of these adorable little pearly pinks, in truth they're more pastel and far less in your face PINK, but it's a good shot, I think. So here it is.

Do you see? Mini minions are in the making here already!If all goes well, I'll soon be overrun by the little pink cuties. . .GO FORTH AND CONQUER IN THE GOOD NAME OF SPARKY!!!

Not only that, no. . . but the glorious cloud of billowing green behind the pink? THAT is another bit of awesome that has recently come my way. I couldn't be more thrilled to be given a chance to care for a sizable hunk of Jaysee's Magical WonderMoss (the patent on that name should be pending, but isn't. Yet.). It's so deliciously Java. . . and far greener than green can possibly be. I swoon for the stuff. . . truly. Ask him if you don't believe me, he knows all about it. . .

Oh right. The WonderMoss and Sparky's pink harem aren't even in the same tank, cuz' I decided that putting 'pest' snails into a tank with plants bound for Becoming 125 would be a bad idea. Sooner or later, everyone tells me I WILL end up with pond or ramshorn snails in there, but so far so good. There are other snails in the 10g Mystery tank, though. Nerites. . . Oh? I said that already? Hrm.

Well I like Nerites! Here's one. . .

Wrong tank. Again. A different 10g QT tank this time. . . and this isn't even one of the new Nerites! I'm terribly scattered today. . .

This is Stripe, I've had her for well over a year now, and a glorious snail she is. She used to live in Becoming, until her egg-laying ways got her banished, and she's been forced to live out the remainder of her life QT. I promise, she doesn't mind. . . Right now she's in a plant-only (um, aside from snails. Duh. And obviously MTS are involved here, too) QT tank. . . This particulartank is officially clean and clear and ready to be emptied of it's current inhabitants to make room for more. Current inhabitants being a lovely group of crypts and Anubias, apart from the snails, of course. . .

THESE plants, more specifically, are; Crypt Balanasae, C.Wendtii DeWitt Red, C.Wendtii Tropica Red, adorable baby Cryptocoryne lucens (thank you JEN!!! ^.^), also Anubias nana, and Anubias coffeeola. . .

And they're ready to be moved into Becoming. . . (which is the tank that this thread is about, I swear - and yes, it's the same picture I updated with last time, it looks the same, more or less, so hush)

But I'm not exactly sure where I should put them?!!! Any thoughts?

The idea is to create a bit of a more well-protected area for C.Cat and Liz on the left side of the tank, under The Stick in the hopes that I get some survivors at next spawning. . . slim chance, I know. But input welcome on where these leafy beauties should live!

Oh, right. I had a point. Which I forgot a while ago. . . serves me right for waiting so long between updates, and growing tanks like a madwoman. . .

Back to the beginning and story-telling internet weasel-birds. . .

There ARE new babies in the tank at the top of the page. A LOT of new babies. This is SO VERY EXCITING!!! I seem to have misplaced their homecoming pictures, which is sad, and I hope they aren't missing forever. For now, we must pretend they don't exist.

This is fun, mysteries always are. . . so I'm hesitant to break the spell! I think you guys know me and my tanks well enough by now to figure out exactly who is living in the tank at the top of the page.

I know. I just threw four tanks at you. It gets confusing. Let me help?

This tank.

I'll give you three hints. . .

1. All new arrivals were currently in the tank when the picture was taken.
2. They are NOT snails.

Care to hazard a guess as to what the mystery creatures are?

I'm not done updating, I know. . .I haven't even touched on the arrival of Termie's pretty plants, and have yet to tell the story of the Ram's last spawning. . . I'll get there. But I promised an update by the end of the day, and if I don't get this posted, the forum spaz at 12:03 will wipe it clean. It might be another year before I post again. . .

So for what it's worth. . . HAPPY UPDATE!!! ^_^

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Oh wow, all of these tanks are looking gorgeous! Good job on the scaping/layout out!
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Okay I loved the update and all the pictures and it was gorgeous and magical and I'm so happy the wait is over BUT HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?

That's like the worst cliff hanger EVER D: Where are they?! I've been staring at that tank for 10 minutes straight looking for something..anything!

Anyways, thanks for the update! :D They're always brilliant and lovely, same as your tanks.
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