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Yeah I think it would he okay to remove it. Yes another week won't hurt anything and just keep the bacteria going in the filter and ready for when you do move it.

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Sounds good to MEEEE! Thanks for the back-up - always good to double-check. I've never dealt with a tank THIS big before (even though it's still considered to be 'small') Just want to make sure the rules aren't different. I can wait a week. I'm REALLY good at being patient, lol!
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You are probably right but I also would not take a chance. How would we feel if someone beamed us to another planet to see if we could breath well enough? :}
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"I once thought I was brave; now I can't stop crying." By kendal Payne.
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LoL I am just the opposite I am NOT a patient person! Though I know you have to be in this hobby am been trying too!

@ Tankfull I would personally think it would be awesome to get beamed too another plant! Imagine what you could see!!???!!
(well as long as I could survive!)
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I'm with you! Provided I could handle the atmosphere, and wasn't in danger of being obliterated by some random beast or . . . whatever - AND that I could come back without any trouble. . .being beamed to another planet sounds like FUN.

Point taken, though. I try to be very cautious where my fishies are concerned. Patience is always the way to go with fish :)
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WOW!! Great job! I wish I could aquascape like that.

55 gallon planted tank, starting over!!!( looking crappy, needs a major rescape)
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Thank you, Jayy!!! You're so sweet - and silly! You can, and your tank is growing in beautifully! Speaking of which, have I missed the updates, or have you not posted in a while? How are those pretty little Diamonds of yours doing? I love those fish. . . *jealous*
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Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
Aww, thanks Bek! Don't be jealous - I bet your plants are going to fill in super-quickly and you'll have a prettier tank (or two!) than this one before you know it!
Sure hope so! I'd love everything to grow like mad so i can put the clippings into the other tanks! But i've noticed my sword tails like to nibble on the plants xD

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Do you feed your Swordtails veggies? I give my fish fresh fruits and veggies, and they tend to leave the plants alone - My Live-bearers (Mollies and guppies) never ate the leaves, though they will nibble any (seemingly invisible) algae that might be growing on them, and *sigh* they still can't pass up on those tasty, tender roots from the floating plants (which is one of the reasons I suspect that I've had poor luck with floaters until now). They've never caused the leaves any damage, though - might be worth a try?
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I dont get how a 55g is small. I think of bog as anything that cracks your insurance would need to cover it. Or they woundl'y cover it.

And I actually started typing in French. TOO MUCH SCHOOL!!

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Hell bent on trying to survive and
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