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The random plant

So chesh this is the random plant that I got ID'ed once and I forgot the name.

Let me know if you know what this is...or anyone else know what this is...

I'm going to be sending you some. It grows fast.

It will come apart decently's not the strongest plant...but not SOO brittle either.

(see attached)
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Chesh (05-13-2013)
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Looks like guppy grass to me :p
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I probably should be so excited over guppy grass? That's the impression that I'm getting from the tank world at large. . . BUT I SO AMMMMM!!!!

Termie, I'm so excited! You're really spoiling me, truly. . . thank you!


Man. . . all of you guys are just so WONDERFUL to me *HUGS ALL OF THE FISH GEEK FRIENDS*
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Do you have an approximate date for when the tank gets put up? I've been hoarding extra plants for you :p

And have you decided if you're going to paint the trim and/or back?
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Chesh (05-13-2013)
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Sooooo here is what I'm sending you.

I hope you are ready :)

I'm also sending Java and Fire moss along with some Subwassertang.

Oh and here is what it looked like on the floor lol

Orange Bucket = Guppy Grass
White Bucket = Trimmed trashed
YOu can see the sag and the sword. Most of that moss and all the java fern I put back in the tank though.

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg IMG_20130513_205126_763.jpg (51.5 KB, 34 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_20130513_205319_807.jpg (51.4 KB, 34 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_20130513_185831_315.jpg (66.5 KB, 34 views)
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Chesh (05-14-2013)
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My stupid thank you button ALWAYS vanishes when I need it most!
*modChesh reminds memberChesh that we're working on it. MemberChesh says HURRY UP!*

Termie. . .THANK YOU!!!!

I really can't express to you. . . how amazing this is to me! I know I already tried (and failed) last night, but wow! This gets me SO MUCH CLOSER to my plant goal for start up of the 125 - It might be time to start a journal thread! . . . You have no idea. Well you DO. And that makes it even more amazing! You could have made a small fortune on these! You've always been so generous to me, and I can't thank you enough - I really can't. *hugs* My house is about to be like CHRISTMAS!!! I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THEM TO GET HERE!!!

And JEN!!!? You are just so sweet and wonderful, always! I haven't even gotten over my excitement from the last group of pretty green (and pinkishred) things you sent over, I'm watching those lil' woobie crypts and that lilly grow! I have a few things stashed in QT right now that will be making their way to you soon. . . and it looks like I'll probably have some D.Sag to share soon enough, too!!!

You guys. . . There aren't words. . . ALL of you who have helped, advised, encouraged, and shared with me so much over the last year or so. . . YOU are the people that makes this forum such a lovely place to be for me, and why I will never leave TFK. I see people complain sometimes about TFK not having a strong sense of community, but when I go through all of our tank journals, and I see SO MUCH LOVE and tank sharing - plants and fish and snails and shrimp and food and ferts and even ENTIRE TANKS being given and traded and sold for next-to-nothing so generously ALL OF THE TIME. . . and then we get to watch and see what happens as the tanks that we helped in some way to build. . . grow and change and thrive - and bits are then passed onto other members to help yet another tank get started! I don't know how people can have the impression of there being a lack of community here! It's overwhelming!

I know I'm being sentimental and oozy, sorry for that. I just. . . I'm amazed by you guys! I started here with a mis-matched group of fish in a cycling ten-gallon tank, like so many others have. . . and it's just gone on and grown from there. Becoming is my first tank. Named such for my goal to become a decent fish keeper (yup! I like cheese). My first tank. . .and a true community tank in more ways than stocking.

I have. . . all of this from Termie, plus many other plants that he's sent before - too many to remember!
Crypts and wild caught stems and lillies from Jentralala
Baby Apple snails from Boredomb
Swords and Frogbit and MTS (and more)from DKRST
SanguineFox's baby Java Ferns
Sakura is sending some of Sparky's harem of pink snails to coming and live with me, too!

There's more, so many more. . . that I know I'm forgetting. . . and this doesn't even include the input and advice that I'd have been lost so many times without. I know, I know - it's just fish. But man! What an amazing world we live in, neh?! *HUGS*

You guys are THE GREATEST!!!
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Termato (05-15-2013)
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Well said Jes!
This place has so many wonderful ppl here. Its the reason I have stayed here longer then any other forum. Yes this place has its problems but I still think the good out ways the bad!
Soo what are you going to do with SOOO many plants coming your way??
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You're making me cry But they're kind of happy tears! I'm just SO HAPPY to have the privilege to watch your tank grow and be a part of it.


And YES! I can't WAIT for a journal on the 125, it's going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.
Have you been stocking up on TMS? xD
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I don't even know what your gonna do with all the plants I sent LOL

Did the package hold up because I literally stuffed it all in there. I had to tape the box closed LOL

btw....dwarf sag grows FAST when it's happy...I mean fast...just warning you lol
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dwarf sag does grow fast... so does guppy grass o_O I think you have all you need for the 125 chesh~ All stocked from Termie
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