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She IS! Firecracker is the right word, lol. And she's so fast. . . it looks worse than it is, she still isn't actually causing any damage, though I don't doubt for a moment that she would if pushed. She seems fairly determined to keep these wigglers alive :) C.Cat is also being more focused now that the eggs are actual fish. Seems about right for a guy ;)

I wasn't sure if Liz would let me feed her or not, but when she saw my hand in the tank she was obviously wanting to swim to me, so I gave it a try. Makes me happy that she actually trusts me around her eggs. . . :) Wonder how much a Ram nip would hurt? They've got pretty strong lil' mouths! Glad I didn't have to find out.

They've moved the brood. 3 times now. *rolls eyes* SOOOO cute to see them hopping around. I wish I could get it on vid, but they're too small . . .
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Am I detecting a little male bashing in a couple of your posts? I think so!!
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Naw. . . I love my little C.Cat best of all! :D
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Wigglers here and accounted for! DAY FOUR!!! So excited!!! :D
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That's awesome Jes!!!
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Squeee! Come on babies! So exciting!!!
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"There will come a time when three words uttered with charity and meekness shall receive a far more blessed reward than three thousand volumes written with disdainful sharpness of wit."
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There are a few free-swimming already!!!!!!?? AMAZING!

Flotsam the Pangio loach is far too interested in them for my liking. . . *grrrrowls*
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Get some plastic arts mesh, and make a tank divider. The fry won't be able to get through the holes, and nothing will be able to dine on them.
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HOW DID I MISS ALL THESE UPDATES? Omg Ches, your tank has been rocking lately! You're jealous of my world? I'm green with envy for yours! BABIES. <3 When you say 'free swimming' do you mean they're swimming out of the nursery pit? (I'm not great with breeding terms...)

Also, are you going to put fry food in there or just let them scavenge for food? I've heard that leaves can provide insuforia for fry, but I dunno, you seem to have a lot of babies! About how big would you say they are?

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Wow Chesh, we saw up to about day four of the babies still being there. Are there still any little ones left? I remain ever hopeful that you have at least some survivors! If not all of them, that'd be awesome. Those kids seem to have figured it out regardless. Even if none survive, eventually I think they're going to pull it off perfectly. Smart little fishies, but even they need trial and error. ^_^ When I think of them breeding in a community tank, for some reason I am reminded of cheetahs trying to raise a family amidst all the predators in Africa. Even experienced parents have trouble raising cubs, but in their lifetime they usually manage to raise one or two broods. And they're all alone in it, your fishies have two parents. :3
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