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Sylver has ADF, too! Her male is confused, though . . . keeps trying to latch on to the ladies backward and gets shooed away, lol! What she should say is 'If I ever get EGGIES' *giggle*

ADF tads are really really tiny, hard to feed, and require pristine water - so they are really difficult to raise into frogs. . . It's on the list of things I MUST try to do one day, though. Sylver *should* get there long ahead of me, if her male ever figures things out. ;) ADF are awesome!
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LOL Sorry, I thought I specified. And I know they lay eggs first...but don't they hatch into tadpoles? =O Tiny though they are, surely they will grow big enough for me to enjoy them before they get limbs! If not...teenie tiny froglets will be just as fun. ^_^

When I was little, I raised an African Clawed frog from a tadpole. In fact, I think he was sent as an egg, but I can't remember. He wasn't huge, but he certainly wasn't small either! I really enjoyed raising him, and my FAVORITE thing to do in the late Spring/Early Summer, is go over to the garden shops with my grandma and watch the big tadpoles they have for sale. They are usually sold to go into garden ponds and such, and they are GIGANTIC tadpoles. Long have I wanted one, but I have no pond, and I have no idea what KIND of frog they are. I would love to have a giant pond with a few goldfish and/or Koi and some froggies. I imagine I'd have to grow the tadpoles before getting fish, huge as they are, or get young fish to raise with them. LOL But they'd have no place once winter set in, it's impossible to have a tank big enough for all that in winter! Otherwise I woulda made a pond forever-ago. >_>;

AHH! Still no eggies or babies from my golfball-sized guppy or anyone else for that matter. I wonder who is more frustrated, me, the fish or the frog! lol

Hey Chesh, did you ever find out what that skinny sickness was that you had? I've had some issues like that off and on in my tanks and I'm wondering how to treat it before it gets out of hand. I had one hi-fin platy die from it, saw no further issues since then and that was months ago! However, I now have another showing signs, my gorgeous red-tailed variatus is very thin and has been for some time, and I am not sure, but I think my gold molly male is looking a bit's harder to tell with males until they REALLY get to be bones since they're so thin-framed anyways. x.x; It's very possible she's just not getting enough to eat though, she is extremely shy. Same with my golden boy. lol I have some real greedy fish in there...but I usually spread the food in two locations, so that shouldn't be happening. Hence thinking the yuck has that I got the OTHER yuck removed. x.x

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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LOL! I think? I'll go do an update on that thread, lol. I'm really behind :D
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*facepalm* When you said tadpole I immediately thought of wild ones, sorry! I have a bunch of toad taddies in a tank outside that I'm raising and my mind immediately went to them.

They actually SELL those big tadpoles?! I had no idea. The ones we caught in my grandma's canal were Bullfrogs (I know, not very specific), and they were HUGE even as taddies. My step-grandad actually used to catch the adult bullfrogs for us to eat, which I find ironic. That was back when we had a 900 gallon pond to put them in though, so they had tons of room. We had ours in with fancy goldfish and young shubunkins.

Good luck with breeding your ADF, I hope he can figure it out soon xD
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So let me know where this new thread is going to be hahah So I can follow it..or at least try to :P hahah

Congrats on the new tank :) yay!
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I will! But it's going to take me a while to get this tank set up. I'm basically remodeling my living room around the thing, which is going to be awesome, but take FOREVER. Sooooo impatient!
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Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post

Random tank shot, really like how this one came out, even if it's grainy. . . You can see a little bit of everyone :) It's going to be hard to shut this tank down when the time comes. . .
You call that grainy?! Lol! Great shot, Jes. I like full tank shots as much as I like individual fishy shots. It's just so neat to see the artwork that we can create with our tanks. I'd much rather have something like this instead of a picture or a nature painting in my living room.

Sylver, the best way to have frogs and fish in the same pond together is to make the pond in two parts, the larger, downstream part being just for the fish, and a smaller upstream pond for the frogs and salamanders. That's the way my pond is set up and I see all kinds of insects and larval salamanders in my upper pond.
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Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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Koi, you get SALAMANDERS?! I am SO jealous! That has to be wicked cool! We had two ponds, a small one and a huge one. Most of the fish were in the big one, and the frogs and turtles bounced between the two ponds and our neighbors pond. Only insects I recall seeing often were dragonfly nymphs which scare the crap out of me.

And I agree. 'Grainy'....psssshhhhhhhfffffftttttt.
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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
It's just so neat to see the artwork that we can create with our tanks. I'd much rather have something like this instead of a picture or a nature painting in my living room.
Totally agree. . . in my case, I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the TV!

Thanks!!! You're all so sweet! Y'all should visit a photography forum one day - they can get mean, but all fair in a good critique. It is a bit grainy, you can see it clearly up where the dark hits the light in the backround. . . I had to exchange a bit of graininess for clearer shots of fish in motion. Fair enough! Really happy with how it came out. :) Tank shots are hard, but fascinating.

I'm jealous, too. I want your pond AND your salamanders!
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Resubscribing to this topic again. It stops notifying me whenever I clear my cookies. I guess I'll stop cleaning cookies anyway, they're delicious.

From what I gather... you've snagged the 125gal?!

"There will come a time when three words uttered with charity and meekness shall receive a far more blessed reward than three thousand volumes written with disdainful sharpness of wit."
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