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It's *almost* officially MINE!!!

The boys just left, they should get there at around 8 - 8:30ish. I couldn't tag along, because I probably wouldn't be much help with the lifting compared to him and there are only two seats in the van. . . I think the husband knows enough about tanks to make the final decision in my stead - after all, HE is the one who collected all of my current tanks, lol! The seller filled it up for us (then mentioned something about how she probably would have gotten more calls about it if she had taken pics of it while full - duh!) I feel kind of bad that I'm sticking them with getting all that water back OUT again, but. . .meh. They'll live ;)

Not sure if it'll be back HERE tonight, or some time next week. . . but I'm kind of hoping there will be a delay - I have a lot of re-arranging and cleanup to do in the basement still, though the spot where it will be is *almost* clear, the trickle-down effect has turned my basement studio into a complete disaster! All worth it in the end, of course, but still a lot of work to be done! My cousin owns a clock shop, so he has a van with a carpeted bottom to safely transport super expensive and ancient grandfather clocks - there is nowhere safer for the tank to be for a few days than in his parked van.

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Soooo happy for you, Jes!!! This sounds like the perfect summer project!! You have to post pictures of it when you get it.
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:D Thanks, Izzy!!! I'm thrilled... I suspect it *might* take longer than the summer, though.

The Husband is talking all about how we have to repaint the living room before it goes up because we might not be able to paint for years thereafter, lol. Plus he's always said that he wanted to have an electrician come and add additional outlets behind where the tank will go, and have him put special outdoor outlets in JIC water gets into them. . . he was looking at the house plans today, and has decided that he DOESN'T have to reinforce the floor, because I want to put it (luckily) right where one of the main support beams for the house is. . . he's so funny. But I'm really glad he is the way he is, because I'm the one who would be all irritated 2 years down the road because I want to repaint the living room and have to do it around a giant tank, and God knows I fight with lack of outlet space already! Nice to have someone less impulsive around!

All that, plus money is tight in general. REALLY just got lucky to have tax money in the bank, and a husband who really wants my dream to come true enough to make me jump on a bargain when I see one. So it might be a bit of a while yet, but the tank and stand were absolutley the BIGGEST obstacles to overcome, and WOW! Now I'm just waiting with bated breath for him to call and tell me everything looks perfect!!!
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And here's me holding off on my evil jealousness welling up inside to say...I hope that works out. LOL I've been reading back trying to figure out what was going on, bargained on a 125 gallon tank, eh? There are so many posts here, I sometimes miss some and wonder what is going on! I would LOVE to have a tank that gosh, the things I could and totally would do with it....babies everywhere. More than usual. xD You just know it! I mean...I'd totally get a common pleco to boot. >_>; I wouldn't be able to resist. I know, they're common, people meh at them, I LOVE them. :3 And you just know I'd fill it up with livebearers and plants. xD
Of course I'd have to move to the basement with a tank any bigger than my 55 gallon. I'm shocked I haven't gone through the floor, me, bed tank and all. My bed is only a foot away or so, and there's that time I lose a lot of water...yeah, I'm shocked the floor didn't cave in, it probably will one day, I bet so much of that water got down in there before I got it. >_>; Yup, I'm screwed when that happens. Me and the kitty, going down a floor. I'm sure we'll all be happy in the living room! My ten and twenty gallon are in the same room(Other side of the room), and my computer and TV too...all my bookshelves, yeah didn't plan that all through good enough. LOL

I can't wait to see it, I hope it is in great shape in more than just looks!

Oh, yes, and you have my sympathies for moving it in, washing it out and setting it up. >_>; Unless you make the boys over there do it...send them to me if I get any new big tanks if that's the case. I did my 55 gallon by all myself...Yes, by all myself. That's what I used to say when I was little, couldn't resist. Ha. My grandpa helped me get it up stairs though, and I felt bad so I wouldn't let him help me do anything further, he could barely breathe! So I guilt-tripped my uncle into helping lift it to its stand since he was watching TV when pa was helping me. I had to clean that thing so good and filling it...Let me tell you how I fill tanks, I don't have any contraptions like some people do. I run back and forth from the bathroom with a gallon pitcher. :3 Imagine my pain, I really hope you have better ways and get it set up easier than I do!

And please post photos and video...this is a "Becoming" thread, I'm sure it can't hurt to do a "Part 2" right? I mean as it goes, photos of it being set up and filled bit by bit...It's hard work, but stepping back here and there to see your progress makes you feel so accomplished! And tired...Haha.

Man, I need to win the LOTTERY! I'd buy a big house and fill it with tanks. >>; And not just fish, I'd enjoy turtles again one day. X) Not to mention my little goofy male needs a name, would someone like to do the honors for my goofy frog who can't even figure out the mating process and gets beat up by the girls for failing? He's sweet so make it good and not mean! I suck at names, so why not ask people who seem good at it? lol
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LOL! Sylver. . . you ramble more than I do, and I didn't think that was possible!

I hear ya - I've done the cleaning and filling on all of my tanks by myself, too, only I am able to run the garden hose up from the basement utility sink and adjust temp that way, MUCH easier than a 1g pitcher! You at least should get a 5g bucket from Home Depot and a siphon hose! I'm definitely going to have to get one of those awesome Pythons for water changes on this tank :)

When I get the 125 set up and running, I'll start a new thread. . . until then, it can piggy back on this thread :) 's gonna be a while before we get to that point!
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Talking I got a 125!!!

It's OFFICIAL!!! I have a 125g tank!!!

I just got off the phone with The Husb, he said it held water, no scratches or any issues that he could see, says the stand is nice, too. They got it, it's in the van, and Cuz' is gonna bring it by on Sunday to give me a bit more time to clear space for it. (I HAVE a spot cleared in my basement studio after hours of moving, but NICE to have the time to get everything else back where it needs to be, lol!)

So. . .just got off the phone with the man. . . The biggest thing is that it's DISGUSTING. My husband was appalled by the condition of the inside of the tank, and thinks that's why they were selling it for so cheap. They didn't feel like cleaning it, and didn't think anyone would pay more for a tank in that condition. Heh. Apparently, their last fish died in November sometime, and they haven't touched the tank since. It was sitting for all of that time with the low water level, no top. . .he says it stinks really bad. She filled it up for us, which stirred up a ton of filth, he says he couldn't believe that THAT much water could be THAT dirty. They found remnants of dead fish, lots of nasty food/poo particles. . . slime. He said that there was a film so thick on the top of the water that he thought it had PLASTIC on top. Yeeeesh. . .

But that's okay! I was expecting that. . . I am NOT afraid of getting my hands dirty, lol! It's a 125 gallon tank, and it's MINE!!!

He feels that the stand is about a foot too short, wants to build it a base? Says I'll understand when I see it (I'm not sure if I'll be able to reach down into it if it's any higher, lol! How tall is the 'average' tank stand?!) Oh! It has a canister filter, too - he said he thinks it's crap just by looking at it, and he likes my Eheim better - thinks I should stick with my original plan of getting another Eheim for this tank. (awww, he's so CUTE!)

I am just TOO excited right now! Can't wait to get it IN THE HOUSE on Sunday (hoping THAT goes well O.o) Setting it up right by the utility sink and the sump, I think that'll make it pretty easy to clean. There's nothing that a few (hundred?) gallons of vinegar and a fistful of razorblades can't fix, right?!!!

Time to go back to the basement. . . I have a HUGE mess to clean up!
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AHHHH! OHMYGOSH THAT IS SO AWESOME. Sucks that it's super filthy, but hey! Totally worth it for the price, right? I am seriously so stoked, once you have the actual tank everything else is just gravy.

Jeez, I'm gonna get so impatient I'll start sending you bags of TMS myself xD I just can't WAIT for the set-up on this tank, it's going to be a blast.

So, what are the stocking plans for the 125? I remember you thinking about getting a group of Pearls, anything else you're looking to add? :D
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SURE! I'll take your TMS, send 'em on over! LOL! I feel the same way - I'm NOT afraid of some scuz. Just as long as it isn't anything that will be harmful to future inhabitants, I'm golden!

Uh oh. . .stocking O.o

Not sure yet. I'm a notoriously slow (and nervous) stocker, lol.

I definitely want to get a group of 5-6 Pearl Gourami. I'm thinking that everything should be okay as long as they're small when I add them - I don't want them to eat my Tetra OR have my Tetra feeling nervy with bigger fish around. ABSOLUTELY going to up my shoal of the larger Kuhli - the dwarf species were a happy accident, lol. I'm still missing my 6th Bolivian ram, though I *may* decide to go from 5-8, depending on what happens with C.Cat and Liz, because I know I'll want to keep some of the baby rams if they get that far. . . there will be more than enough room for that, I think. I'm really leaning toward the idea of adding to my shoal of Tetra. I'm so in love with the ones I have, I can only imagine how stunning a bigger shoal would be, but I'm not sure about this yet. . .

I want to keep as many different families of fish as peacefully possible in a true community, without falling into a specific biotioe. . . so the possibilities are vast, but . . . it really has to be the right fish to work. I have a lot of research and learning to do before I figure out what comes next - before I even get the Pearls. . . and after the tank gets set up - whenever that may be, lol!

Any suggestions for me to look into?? ;)

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What are TMS? =o

Oh, suggestions...Hrm. Nope, not from me, you know what I'll say. >_>; I mean with you, there'll probably be a lot of plants. And if you go small and could probably have quite a lot of fish in there. Geez, now that I think about it, I dunno what I'd do. I think I might go with some cichlids...but who knows. Pair of parrots or some other kind of large and bright, and maybe a school of something less aggressive that can get along with said more aggressive stinkers...I've never actually thought about what I'd really do with a tank that big, many things to choose from. It's totally up to YOUR tastes. xD But I will say this: Pleco. Giant Pleco...I would for sure get one, but that's just me! lol They get so big, and need oh so much room. x.x My wittle 55 gallon can't support one happily. I love the idea of having a giant or two and a school or three of smaller fish.

I am so jealous of you. Ah...but not for your cleaning job. See, my tank was still full of the water that they had too, but they were nice enough to remove the fish that died. The man I got my 55 gal from had cichlids and this ONE cichlid, a bumblebee I think, killed everyone else in the tank. >>;

I will, however, say I have never seen anything so dirty, I can't imagine how yours looked. He tried to give me the gravel in a bag, saying I needed the benecifial bacteria...but the rocks had been out of the water in a bag, outside in the cold because they stunk, for who knows how long, there WAS no more good bacteria left, aside from good sized colonies of bad stuff, no doubt. lol It smelled, there was so much dust and dirt I had a sore throat for about a week after I spilled the bag of stuff that came with it(the bag broke)...I mean the filters had never been changed, were falling apart, there was dried sludge on EVERYTHING, cleaning was a real you know what! I just went out and bought a new filter. >>; Everything else was scrubbed beyond thoroughly with hot water, salt and vinegar as well as Mister Super Scrubby...who went to the garbage can soon after. And then so was the place I washed it all.

Yeah, you have my sympathies.

Ah, and if you think I ramble a lot's because I'm kinda depressed. And no, that wasn't to make you feel bad, it's just how I am today. I've been all gab, gab, gab, pretty much just to be talking, even to my ferrets who look dead tired. lol But you should see me when I'M dead tired, I can't shut up to the point I even talk in my sleep! ^_~
I have a friend I used to pretty much tackle at stupid AM every time he just sighed heavily and asked me where I get my energy straight out of bed. He probably woulda died if I answered that with "Why from you, silly! You are the sunshine that wakes me right the hell up!" But it woulda been funny to see his reaction. Instead I just told him "I'unno...I guess I hate sleep so much I just firecracker out of bed in the morning and bounce off a few walls. Better than coffee." =p

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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Throwing in my votes.
Micronemacheilus cruciatus for Nemacheilidae, Corydoras sterbai for Callichthyidae, red lizard whiptails for Loricariidae.
I like bottom feeders.

Every time I write that out it does that ^. Swear it's not my fault.

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