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heehee, stop - you take phenomenal pictures! I've seen them. I know. But yeah! Try diffusing... cool trick!

They come from a handful of rivers. Maybe they're the same species, but the colors can vary slightly among the collection locations? WetSpot has had them fairly consistently since I got mine. I really want more of them - mostly for when I eventually get my bigger tank, but I don't want to overload the 55. . . could 'store' them in yet another tank until the time comes, but that'd be dumb. I'll stick with the ones I have. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll find my Coffeebeans, too! ;)
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How many bean tetras are there and will they continue to make me hungry?

Errr... I've missed this topic! I have no idea why I was unsubbed from it, oh well. Thank you so much for all the stories, photos and videos, Chesh! They're absolutely wonderful and I still love the aquarium!

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To me, tetras are like Dunkin Donut holes: I can't just stop at one, and every one looks yummy and I want to sample. I think I've probably maxed out the number of species I can have...maybe just one more...
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heehee, you two sound like Shimmer, NO EATING MAH FISHUMS!!!

SPOOKS!!! It's nice to see you again! Thanks for checking in. . . there are 18. One was lost shortly after he arrived, just. . . couldn't take the stress of the change or was older, sad but not dramatic. Then, of course, poor Horton. . .
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Thanks to your poor fish Horton, I've learned not to put anything small with Mr. Beta Alpha Fish...not that he's due for any tankmates, but still good to know bettas might not stop at fins!
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I like tetras, a few anyways. Two years ago I got a group of six neon tetras...but they all died over night. I was newer to fish keeping and didn't acclimate them, and the tank was already over-stocked....but I've always feared it happening again so I never got any, even though I know better now. But I have to say, it sure would be nice to have a little group of neons. I know they're more common, but I rather like those little guys. =)

I really like the ones you have, they're not only pretty, but they're cute! Every time I look into the new fishies in your threads, I start wanting...I still haven't made any for sure plans for my twenty once the babies are grown and in new homes. Sure, I'll probably have babies around a lot anyways, but I'm thinking about dividing the 55 gallon for it, just a small bit of it, not cutting it in half. lol Your threads give a lot of good info and things for me to look into once I get into proper planning stages for my tank. xD I was initially going to use the twenty for my platies, but when that yuck went through my made enough room for everyone so I now have a tank that will be open and un-used once the babies are gone. x.x; Oh, what to get. :3 I wonder if neons would be ok with my livebearers. Somehow I think that'd be bad. lol I now have like five ideas for that twenty...ouh, the anticipation! Maybe I'll do something different and get a nice group of tetras going. Neons are a must, but I think a group of a different kind with them would be nice. :3
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Heehee, glad to be an inspiration to you, Sylver! Neons are pretty little things, but they are finicky - more sensitive than people seem to realize. If you love the look of the Neon Tetra, but want a bit of a tougher fish, look into the Cardnial Tetra. They're also very commonly found (not *quite* as common as Neons, but PetCo has them, as will most LFS). They look VERY similar, except the coloration on the Cardinals goes all of the way from end to end. I think they're stunning little fish, and they make the Neons look. . .incomplete, lol! Just a suggestion! Good luck!
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Did you have any problems with feeding the little guys when you first got them? Were they like puffers and had to be fed live foods?

They are gorgeous, and their colors compliment your Rams quite beautifully.
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Nope! I was really nervous about that, too, but they did great with defrosted Daphnia and baby Brine, and once they got used to the syringe being the source of all food, I was able to easily transition them to flake. When they first got into Becoming, they weren't sure what to do with the sinking pellets that I fed to the Kuhli and the rams, life was easy. . . didn't take them long to figure out that if they caught them, and swam around with them for a while, they'd be able to play 'catch' with them once they got softer and gobble them up. It still cracks me up to see those tiny fish with comparatively gigantic pellets hanging out of their little mouths. They're greedy little dudes, too! Wild fish do NOT let a good meal go by without taking full advantage of it. EVER. I can easily see their stomachs inside of them after they eat, so I can tell when they've had too much. I have to get them going with their flake, then 'sneak' the pellets past them to the rest of the crew. Silly fish!
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Unhappy strike two. . .

Last night C.Cat and Liz decided to get back together and give egg-laying another go!

So proud of C.Cat for sticking with his bondmate and not letting things get too far with Hatter ("NOTHING HAPPENED, Liz, I SWEAR!)

They've been mooning over each-other for the last few days - I've been so busy, so was hoping that they'd wait until I had a chance to sit with them before they *ahem* did the deed. And they did! But fish are dumb. . . they waited until feeding time, and then decided to spawn during the dinner rush - they'd been cleaning rocks for two full days, I don't know WHY they chose that moment, but it didn't work out so well for them.

I think they were both under a lot of stress compared to the last go 'round. There was just too much activity in the tank and they seemed pretty frazzled with trying to keep everyone away. Plus 9 to the loach count. . .

I did manage to get a quick vid to share while they were laying/fertilizing. . .

After they were finished laying the eggs, C.Cat decided that Liz was NOT a suitable mother. There followed the lip lock to end ALL liplocks, which he won, of course, and then he proceeded to shoo her off!

Poor Liz! She really didn't seem to know what to do with herself! She kept trying to do her job and help out, and got chased away time and time again, until she paled out and hung sadly just outside of the invisible line that C.Cat was guarding, looking quite defeated. This morning, she was still there - and so were the eggs - but they didn't make it through until lights came up this afternoon. They probably wouldn't have made it, anyway. . .

Last time around, Liz was on top of her nest, fanning for all she was worth, while her mate patrolled the perimeter. They took turns and worked really well together, but Liz. . .she was amazingly dedicated. When it was C.Cat's turn, sometimes. . . well, he wandered a bit. So I'm not sure what gave him the idea that he could do it alone. *shakes head* Men!

What a stormy relationship these two have! I'm going to be working on setting them up in a tank all alone in the hopes that they'll have better luck, but it's going to take me a little while. . . life is looking pretty hectic for the next month or so. Hopefully they keep trying until I can make it happen for them :)

From what I've read this type of behavior isn't uncommon in a stressful situation - though I've also read that it can happen in a breeding tank without any threats for the two to unite against, lol! We'll just have to see what happens the next time, neh? Hopefully, sooner or later, I'll get my rambabies! :)
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