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Becoming - 55 gallon tank upgrade

This is a discussion on Becoming - 55 gallon tank upgrade within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Originally Posted by thekoimaiden I guess it just goes to show that bettas don't do well with small colorful fish. LOL! Duh! Should have ...

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Becoming - 55 gallon tank upgrade
Old 03-04-2013, 09:01 PM   #491
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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
I guess it just goes to show that bettas don't do well with small colorful fish.
LOL! Duh! Should have mentioned that to my husband! *bangshead* I really just didn't think. . . EVER. . . that he'd just catch them in and plop them into the tank until I told him so - at which time, Shimz should have been happy in his 5g! I actually asked him hours earlier that day if he would help me later. I suppose he just wandered by and was like "OH! She's fooling with the tanks. I might as well get this over with so I can go watch TV and not be pulled away..." He had good intentions, and I couldn't be mad at him for not knowing any better!

I'm just happy the Specks are all gone... such a random NON thing, lol!

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Old 03-05-2013, 12:30 PM   #492
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lol Yes, drop the little things in with the betta and see what happens. The poor thing. xD Well, he got off luckier than one of my guppies. I added a couple of the guppies to my QT when my big creamsicle molly was in there with the healing Capone...I went to add them into the breeding net, not the main tank since I had three female betta in there at the time and guppies are too small to be with such fish...Well, I missed with one of the girls. >>; And it wasn't a betta that ate her. My creamsicle molly, in ONE quick nip before I could even say "OH CRAP" she bit one of my guppies tails clean off. The WHOLE thing...and she unfortunately died about two minutes later from her injuries. =( She also mauled one of the larger female betta(The big blue one that was almost as big as the creamsicle), right after this happened, so I moved the girls to the big tank where they lived happily until the yuck hit the 55 gallon. And people say betta do damage, eesh! >_>; Poor guppy didn't even know she landed in a new home yet, it was drop...NOM, and she was a full grown guppy too, about...not quite two inches long, but close.

Glad your buddies survived their encounter with the nommer. lol

OH YEAH, speaking of Betta, Twilight Sirius is doing better since I decided to start the maracyn II meds, clean water wasn't cutting it. His yuck is clearing up, but I am worried about his left-eye. I started the meds because it "Popped'' again and he's got popeye to go with his cloudyeye. x.x But the cloudy yuck that plagued him for months is just about gone now(finally found something that actually works against the stupid yuck!), so now I have another problem to handle. Hope the maracyn works on that as well. ^^; If it's not one thing, it's another for both of us, eh? =p

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Old 03-05-2013, 02:04 PM   #493
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heehee, yeah, I think that - for as long as you're actively stocking, things can be kind of weird from time to time. It's all worth it in the end. Once everyone is settled down and happy - and the system is more or less closed - things are less likely to go wrong. I hope. . . :) Your poor lil' guppies!
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Old 03-05-2013, 02:05 PM   #494
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Talking JellyBean BOOM! Part 2 - short, sweet, and speck-free

Well, you've had the drama part, now it's time for the non-drama part. Not too much to say about that, I think! The 'Beaners are doing well, happy, and vibrant. They're SO pretty and bright, and seem to be very happy as a part of the 55g Crew. . .

I've heard them compared to drops of amber, and it's true, they're gorgeous and bring a lot of life to the tank. . . I suppose they'd be considered mid-level - but for now, at least, the 'Beans reign supreme above the others, more or less.

Here's a not-so-great video of them just before and at feeding time, their colors really don't show up at all cuz' it's really a dark, and it's taken at an odd angle, so you're seeing a lot of reflections on the glass. Makes the shoal look bigger than it is, lol. The other fishums were all grumpy because I didn't feed them their sinking pellets!

The Jelly Bean Brigade - march 2013 - YouTube

You tube doesn't feel like embedding for me today, so you'll have to CLICK!!!
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Old 03-05-2013, 05:32 PM   #495
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Ches I love how you put music in all your vids xD Dedication. How big are the 'Beans? They look huge in the video without some basis for comparison, lol. They're gorgeous though, I love how big their eyes are, they're really cool. Your Betta was able to eat one but none of the other fish in the tank have bothered them?
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Old 03-05-2013, 05:59 PM   #496
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Great video, I liked the cameos by the rams. Do they ever get torpedoed?
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Old 03-05-2013, 09:02 PM   #497
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Thanks, guys! They're tiny lil' guys - max out at 1.2 inches, I have one or two that *might* be that big, but yah - tiny lil' things.

No. . . actually none of the critters in my tank bug anyone else aside from their own kind. Well, the two different types of loaches I have don't seem to notice that they're different in any way, and from time to time a loach (or frog) will land on a Ram's head. I've seen the Rams turn as if to do. . . something? Then they realize it isn't another 'Livy, and they just pretend nothing ever happened, lol. The Rams are WAY too cool to mess with the Tetra. *giggle*

Glad you like my random song choices, Jen, lol, can't go wrong with the V.Femmes. . . I think? *sings* ". . .come with us and PLAY. . ." *dances* That song always leaves me grinning. . . so does my tank (um, when nobody's making me nervy!) I was thinking that song should have been saved for a loach video, actually. . . heehee
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Old 03-05-2013, 09:31 PM   #498
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So glad everything has been happy with your little amber drops. They are such pretty little guys and add such great activity to the upper part of your tank. You have some excellent close ups of them! I never would have known what those beauties look like if it weren't for your shots. They are easily better than the photos Seriously Fish has!
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Old 03-05-2013, 10:11 PM   #499
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Thanks, Izzy! Not for lack of trying, I'll tell you that. . . lil' punks just WONT. HOLD. STILL! I'm always AMAZED when I get a shot with at least one of 'em in focus - and bonus if there aren't any blown-out areas on the scales. That group shot made my whole YEAR, you don't even know how thrilled I was to actually get 3.5ish fish in something remotely resembling focus, and not one totally white belly in the group. I actually used a piece (or two?) of masking tape or tissue paper (not sure which it was on which shot) to diffuse my flash, and shot at an angle. And it WORKED. . . at least twice, anyway, lol!

I don't know what it is. . . my fish always seem so much more. . . VIBRANT than any pictures I see in books or online. Maybe not the loaches, but the Rams and the Tetra, for sure. The tetra are so pretty. . . they do have semi-translucent bodies, but in most pictures I see of them, the 'clear' areas on them are always white. In my fish, it's some kind of light amber-green. The green might be reflected from the plants, but whatever. . . I was pleasantly surprised when they got here and settled in. They were more colorful than the pictures by the time they left the 20g QT tank, but really started to shine when they got into the 55. Makes me so super happy :)

Here's the picture they have on Seriously Fish, since you mentioned it. . .

it IS the same fish, for sure, but. . . *scratches head* If one of my babies looked like that, I'd be flipping out, I think!
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Old 03-05-2013, 11:06 PM   #500
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You are the photography master, Jes! I will certainly try that tissue paper flash trick when I'm using flash!

They almost don't look like the same fish. Yours are just so much more golden! And vibrant!! Really gorgeous little fish! It's such a shame they aren't more common.
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