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I got called a dork for talking ferret facts on a game site once, so eh. >_>; I already know I'm a dork. xD Let's make a Dork Club!

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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Lol a fish dork club (though you can throw in ferret facts too!)

When I am at work and not doing anything I am on here or searching the web on fish related stuff. It managed to get myself in "trouble". Now there is a guy who had fish as a kid but nit since and wants ME to setup a tank for him.
From everything to helping buy the tank and equipment needed and picking out fish that can live in his tank to selecting fish! How the crap do ppl do this! I can barely do this for my tank let alone for someone elses tank!!

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I didn't realize not just now small they are lengthwise, but so thin! It's a miracle you can even get pictures of them! And them piled up in that cave is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Your pictures are gorgeous!

If you get them to breed are you going to sell the babies? You'd have lines of customers. I'd be right there with everyone else, they are just darling. You're so lucky! One pet stores mix up and boom, you've got fish we're all starry eyed for :p
I still can't get over the fact that some of them are only an inch. I would be so afraid of losing them! Now that I have a better idea of just how tiny they are my mind is just blown.
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Throw me in the dork fish club with John, too. I was one of the crazy people still awake at 4a on a Friday night talking about fish. I'm fine with it. I've been nerdy my whole life; I don't even know how to be normal anymore.

I absolutely love those dwarf Pangio! I know how small mine are and then I just imagine like half that size! Too adorable! I cant wait to see how their colors pop on that black sand.


Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
I'm fine with it. I've been nerdy my whole life; I don't even know how to be normal anymore.

Story of my life.
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According to my brother...I was never normal to begin with. I was born a dork. :3 I also know EVERYTHING!...I think...maybe....I dunno.

Eh, being a dork isn't bad anyways. It just means you have something you enjoy JUST that much. x)

(also, I was that nine year old that would force herself to stay up until one am on a school night to watch dragon ball z...yeah, I got some geek in me too...I was born with my nice to my glasses, they are awesome and so are geeks)

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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Are you guys. . . actually arguing. . . over who's the dorkiest?!! BWAHAHA! Y'all are too awesome. . . *luffs the Fish Dork Club*

Jen, Thanks for the compliment - it IS a miracle! Aside from being tiny, they squirm sooooo FAST! HAVE to use the flash, or they just vanish with the blur, and using the flash is stressful for them, so I always try to limit it to a 5-shot max - I'm super happy for each shot I manage to get!

I really doubt that I'll get them to breed. I've never read of these particular loaches breeding in a tank, but in general it seems to be tricky to get Kuhli to breed in captivity, regardless of the type. Blacks seem to do it most, but it always seems to be accidental, and usually when they're kept over gravel, because the eggs fall down to the very bottom of the stones, and they manage to find food under there until they're big enough to not get eaten. If you really want some, I can get you some. I've never shipped fish before, but if they still have them at that awful LFS, I can pop 'em into a QT tank until the weather warms up. That shop is keeping them on the very top tier (over my head) in a gravel-bottomed tank. They dig under the gravel, and customers can't see them AT ALL. (why I didn't get a good look at them before I brought them home), so I won't be surprised if they stay around for a while. . . I imagine that it'd be safe to put 2-3 times as many of THESE bitty loaches in yoru tank than the 'normal' sized ones. . . just sayin'

Boredomb, good luck with helping that suckah out, lol! I've 'helped' a few people set up their tanks now, and it IS a royal PITA - especially when you get the ones that don't actually bother to listen to your advice, but then expect that you know how to solve the inevitable problems that they create for themselves (you). Hopefully, you'll get a good one, who listens, and keeps up on tank maintenance. They seem to be few and far-between in my world *sigh*

Koi, it really is astounding how tiny they are in comparison to the 'normal' ones, isn't it? half the length and half the girth - and it isn't as if a Kuhli loach is a huge fish to begin with. I'm counting down the days until I get them out of QT, I really am. . . I have some Indian Almond leaves ready to go into the main tank, but I'm waiting for them to go in, so that I don't stress them by changing the water hardness between the tanks. I just know they'll be happy in there - can't wait to find out if their behavior changes with the others around. . .

Sylver, Being normal is sooooo boring, anyway! I'm well-known for my fishy obsession at this point, and people have started bringing me fish-related gifts. Someone gave me this for Christmas. . . and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's FUN to be a dork!

Anyway. . . still trying to get up to date with this thread - I'm uploading a (crappy) video of Becoming right now. I'll post it as soon as it's ready
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I read an article somewhere about breeding Kuhli, and they talked about an empty tank painted black, and just throwing in a ton of Kuhli since they are so difficult to sex. It was definitely a bit unorthodox but the writer claimed to have bred them several times successfully. Can't recall where I found it,

Awh, that's a really hard choice. I don't want you to have to go back in there and them be supported by the purchase, but then again it's heartbreaking to think of them in there and they're so darn cute too.
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Oooooh, I KNOW! I'm totally torn, too. Half of me is like, 'I have 3,048 tanks, I could totally nab a few more - I may never SEE them again, and I KNOW they'll be better off with me. But the other half of me really doesn't want to give those fools any more money. . . Meh. We'll see what happens after I clear out the QT tank of this batch.This shop has been having trouble for nearly a year getting the stripey guys in stock, too. So I dunno if this is just a fluke, or if they switched suppliers and will be getting these Dwarf loaches regularly. I still don't see them selling very quickly if nobody can see them, though. Either way, I'd totally figure out how to ship fish and get you some if you wanted me to :)

If Kuhli like the color black for breeding, then I am in LUCK! I'd like to see that article, if you bookmarked it, or ever come across it again. Like I said - things may have changed, but everything I read says that they aren't farmed because it's so difficult to breed them in the home aquarium. I always think about trying to breed the Jelly Bean Tetra, too - but with all of these Dwarf fish, you really have to be ready with teeny tiny live food, and do millions of water changes so the fry can survive. . .etc. . . as much as I'm interested in giving it a try, I know that I really just don't have the TIME for that kind of involvement right now. Maybe once the Kindy tank is closed, and I'm actually down to one tank it'll be more of a possibility - MORE likely, all of that, PLUS when both kids are in school, and I'm not doing daycare anymore, lol. Maybe when I retire?! *giggle* Time will tell. . .
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It was one of the first pages that popped up when I googled breeding kuhli loaches, heres the link. I never did dig too far into reading breeding other than mild curiosity. Not sure if this is accurate or not but hey.Are you ready for the challenge of breeding the kuhli loach?

I think I'll wait for the dwarfs until I see how they do in your tank. I know I'm going to kick myself later when they do fabulous and your shop has none, but I'm worried about losing them, I can't wrap my mind around just how tiny they are.

It's such a shame that the shop is so horrible! You're right, with all your tanks you could have a ton of them, but I can totally understand not wanting to support that business.

You have some really cool fish in your tank, you know that? I'm so jealous :p
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