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Yeah, how can you NOT take too many pictures though?! I do the same thing, my grandpa gets so mad at me because I'll fill up my camera's memory, and then steal his camera and do the same...daily. xD But then, I take photos of everything. I love doing photography, even entered a few photos in contests of my sunrises, sunsets, landscapes and ferrets. Won a few too. I'm always snapping pictures, I'm like those annoying geeks you see in anime walking around all slack-jawed with a camera around my neck, snapping pictures of random things in every direction. lol I'd like to do that with my fish as well, but it's a lot more difficult to get pictures of them without the proper camera. lol I probably have several thousand photos on my computer from the last three months alone. ^^; Mostly of my fish and ferrets at that.
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What is this nonsense, an update on the beaners without any pics! :O! Blasphemy! lol

No JK I totally understand. Glad things are well there.
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Haha! There WILL be pics, just gotta clean house on my computer to make room for them

NEED to have pictures, because. . .

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Smile Updated tank shots. . .

Finally got enough cleared through on my computer to get some new updated shots for you guys, so here she is. . .

So... I wasn't *supposed* to mess with or add any plants in the tank until 2013, but I'm a chump. . . and I had a 20 gallon tank filled to the brim with plants in QT waiting to go somewhere, so the moment I was able to convince myself that it was in the best interest of the fish, I did :)

The 5th Bolivian, my new boy named Jab, finally came out of QT and into the 55g at the end of October (I think a week before Halloween?). The group went through the normal getting-to-know you challenges - lip locking and a bit of chasing, nothing mean or dramatic - no nipped fins. Little Jab is much younger than the others, and being the new kid he's been wise enough to back down as often as possible. C.Cat - the only other male wasn't very happy to have 'competition' in the tank, so most of the aggression was from him (very grumpy at my little sweetie-pie for behaving. . . like. . . a wild animal!). After a week or two of this, with no signs of it letting up, I decided to do some tank re-arranging (which I had intended to do in the first place, but didn't because all of the fun with the kuhli in the filter, and the Tetra drama - which I'll get to in the next update - happened on the same evening as Jab's move).

The GOAL of re-arranging things was to mess with established territories and get everyone distracted and vying for dominance within the group, instead of just focusing on the newcomer. I re-arranged the plants just a bit in the tank, and while I was at it, I took out a ton of the rockwork. I loved how they all looked when they went in originally - the stone was balanced by those majestic Kleiner Bar swords. But when after they melted. . . the rocks just stuck out, there were too many of them and it was bugging me. On the swords, I kept the two that are growing the best and fastest in the 55, and moved the others to the 29g, where I hope the better lighting will encourage them to grow a bit more quickly.

After the changes, the 'Livies did just what you would expect them to do, and as everyone was establishing their new territories, they seemed to forget that Jab was new. He was still low-ranking, of course, but they weren't picking just on him any more than they were each-other. After a couple of weeks, things were going well with them, but he was obviously not a part of their group. They tolerated him well, weren't bullying or being mean to him, but he stayed off by himself most of the time, while the original four kept together, as usual. He didn't seem super-stressed by this, but I really wanted them to gel into a single group.

Soooo, I started slowly adding plants from the 20g into the main tank and getting things back to the sheltering green that I had originally in the tank. By Thanksgiving, it was starting to look nice again - and last weekend I cleared out the 20L and put the rest of the 'extra' plants that had no home into the 55.

Happily, it worked - my rams are really a group now. I guess with all of the meddling in their home, they felt like they had to stick together - all five of them! Yay! I have to get some shots of Jab on here, I'll try to do that later - and then the Tetra Drama!

Here's a weird top-down shot of the tank...

Happy Saturday!
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Oh yeah, that is one gorgeous tank. -whistles- You do such a great job decorating and planting tanks up. I would love to have a tank that looked even half that good! It sure is a lot of work and patience.

I have to start over, my plants melted down during that last bout with Ich. All my plants but the fern pretty much fell apart, one of my anubias has about three leaves left and they're dying too. lol Everything else just fell completely apart and I have been digging it all out because it was starting to get brown and rotting, clearing it up for new ones to be healthy in.
But hey, been about a month, I have the ich cleared up, still lightly treating just incase there are stragglers. But I have it to where I can bring in new plants. I am doing that today, going to get new plants and stuff for the tanks. I need those plants. lol My fish are getting unhappy without them. ^_~ So planting up the tank part two! Wish me luck, I hope to make it at least close to as good as your tanks look, bit of a different theme though. Jungle oasis. :3

Here's to the new incoming year! May we all have no more bouts with illness, and good luck with our little scaley, or in loach and frog cases: Scaless, friends. I'm hoping for a good year, I'm getting back on track and ready to push things up a bit!

They need a "Best looking aquarium" contest, and you should enter it. xD You'd totally have my vote. =p
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Holy crap that is a beautiful tank.

It's sickening how clear your photos are, and how clean your tank is. I'm jealous! Of the final results, not of all the work you must have put into it.

I'm going to go try our new camera right now. Just got back from having our winter tires put on.

Unfortunately, if the camera works, it's just going to show off my impressive algae collection I am cultivating in the basement tank.
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Wow, thank you! You guys really know how to be sweet *blushes*

I'm just hoping everything stays PUT this time! The majority of these plants have been in for about a month, but they've ALL been in my other tank for at least 3 months. . . so I'm hoping things will continue to do okay. I still REALLY need to update the lighting on this tank, though. But I had to get everything out of the 20L so I could give it to my cousin, so. . . we shall see!

When those Kleiner swords melted it REALLY changed the look of my original layout. They're growing back, though! If you look. . . about dead-center in the tank in the back is a Crypt Wendtii (it's an odd olive green shade, behind the tiger lotus that planted itself there), and on ether side of that are the two Bar swords that I've left in the tank. These guys were down to NOTHING not long ago, and coming back beautifully, if slowly. If/as they continue to grow, I'll be shifting things around to make them the focal point again. The others that were in this tank weren't growing quite as quickly, so I moved them into another tank with better lighting in the hopes that they do better there. . .

Can anyone tell me about those other swords? They were marked only as 'Amazon Sword' in the shop, but I *think* they must be e. bleheri. . . I've had them in various tanks for over 3 months now (they're in my livebearer and my kindy tank, too) and no signs of melting, but the stems are fairly THICK... I'm wondering if they were grown out of the water, but would have expected to see some melting by now? Do any of you know what the difference in this plant is when grown above or under water? *scratches head*

Matt, don't worry. You have those gorgeous new fish to get the algae under control. . . and I am SO excited for your new camera. I WANT to see the algae farm!!!

Sylver, I'm hoping you're right. Here's to 2013, and the healthiest fish-year ever. . . OR, even better yet - being fully stocked so I don't have to worry about it ;)
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Jes its really hard for me to keep scrolling up and down to read your last post and then look at your pic of the tank on my phone but simply put. The difference between Amazon sword that are grown emersed or submerged are the leaves. They will be totally different. One that has been grown emersed (above water) will have fatter rounder leaves. The leaf blade itself won't go down to the crown of the plant either. A submerged plant leaves are much narrower and the bladed of the leave will almost go down to crown before the stem starts. So it has a shorter stem and more of a leave. Does that make sense whatsoever? LoL

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Thanks! It DOES make sense, especially as I've seen the Pygmy Chains in both forms, but I'm still not sure, lol! There is a decent amount of stem from the end of the leaf to the crown, but the leaves seem long and narrowish - to me *shrugs* If it were grown emersed, shouldn't it have started melting by now? I'll have to try to get a close-up shot of one of these, but for now - this is an image I "stole" from Google - my plants look like this:

Long stems, yes - and they're pretty STRONG, not willowy like most plants I keep. But the leaves are also long and ovalish. Does this help??! lol! I'm a disaster! ;)
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Beautiful tank, Ches.
Please post more pictures.
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