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Becoming - 55 gallon tank upgrade

This is a discussion on Becoming - 55 gallon tank upgrade within the Freshwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Brilliant job on the tank Chesherca. the photography is good too. What Canera do you use for your video and stills?...

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Becoming - 55 gallon tank upgrade
Old 09-08-2012, 10:19 AM   #21
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Brilliant job on the tank Chesherca. the photography is good too. What Canera do you use for your video and stills?
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Chesh (09-08-2012)
Old 09-08-2012, 12:12 PM   #22
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My 'thank' button seems to have vanished (maybe I've used it too much since yesterday?), but thank you all just the same! It really blows my mind to get all of this positive feedback - you guys are all so amazingly sweet!

Dave. . . lol! No. I don't teach classes - I don't even know what *I'm* doing most of the time, as you well know! That said, if you ever come home with a bunch of plants, I'd be THRILLED to have a chance to help you out in any way that I can - it would be the least I could do to return all of the help you've given! Thank YOU for helping me with these little JellyBeans. They've come a long way. . . my mind is still boggled to think that they were swimming freely in Africa only a few months ago, and now are here - happy and healthy and safe in my community tank. It makes me so unbelievably happy to see the whole shoal in there. . . I lost one along the way, but took 3 shots of them while they were in the bucket between the tank, and I STILL have 20! I'm not sure if I originally got 21, or if the little guy that didn't make it was so happy, he decided to haunt my tank, but either way, a shoal of 20 Tetra is astounding to see in action! It's been so nice to get feedback from a been-there done-that guy like you. I really wish that you would put pictures of all of your gorgeous wild-caught and rare Tetra, Barbs, and the exquisite Rainbows that you've been keeping and breeding for all of this time! You have some amazing fish in your collection - you should share them!

Thank you Simon! *hugs* Chesherscaping, eh? *giggle* Whatever you call it, I'm thrilled to hear you say that you like it! Sweet of you to say you like my plastic - I hate them. I'll be so happy when they're gone forever, but they're serving a purpose, and the fish like the shade, so. . . for now. . . I'm glad they're here, too.

Rams, rams, rams - Gah! I love my little Livies! I know that there is a huge debate over how it's best to keep these guys, believe me - I researched their needs for months before I brought them home, and continue to learn about them. There are a LOT of people out there who feel they do best in a shoal of 5-6 + . . . but I've seen others keep a couple or a trio that just tore each-other apart. I have 3 females and 1 (very sweet) male, so maybe that's been the secret to my success? I actually *gasp* have two new little rams in QT right now - a male and a female. They were looking pretty rough when I got them, so fingers crossed that they make it through, and play nice with the others if/when they make it into the big tank. . . I have backup plans in place should any trouble arise, but for now - my original four at least have been happy together for 5 months or so!

It IS kind of nice to have so much more room to play with, but . . . at the same time a bit overwhelming! I'm sure I'll get used to it and feel like I need more room soon enough, lol. To ME, the 55 seems HUGE, but most people still consider it a small tank! For now, I'm just hoping that all of the plants settle in and take off, and that the fish continue to thrive. We shall see. . .

I've always loved your tank, too, and want so much to see you inspired again! Maybe you should rehome most of your fish and stick to the ones that you really love - get George some buddies and see how well you can rock a community of Bolivian Rams!!!

Tankfull - *GRINS* Thanks for the kind words! I have a 7 year old (or so) beaten-to-hell Nikon D50. Love my cam, it's a DSLR, and I've taken tens of thousands of pictures with it over the years. Still have a LOT to learn about taking a good picture of a fish and/or tank, though. So tough to get the balance right between the lighting and movement. Maybe someday I'll get it down!

My video camera is a crappy Flipshare that I got a few years ago. I wish I had a better camera (or a newer Nikon with the video camera built in would be even better!). This thing can only hold focus from a certain distance, so close-up shots are impossible, and the colors of the fish never come through - but it's enough to capture the movement of the tank, so I'm happy to have it!
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Old 09-08-2012, 12:25 PM   #23
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Your very welcome Jes. I am always happy to help out a sister aquarist when I can. I'm glad most of the beaners made it through thier ordeal. when I keep fish again that don't look at a planted tank like a buffet, I will be calling on you for aquascaping ideas. You obviously have the eye for it It is kind of amazing how the fish adjust from thier natural environment to our tanks. After we get them we make them lazy. They don't have to hunt for food anymore it falls from the sky Now for my embarassing moment, I would like to post some pics on the forum, but I don't know how I am not very computer savvy. So inept at it I still type with one finger. If I ever figure it out, I will put up some pics.
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Old 09-08-2012, 12:55 PM   #24
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Hmmm... did I miss something in my research? I didn't think I had to worry about my tetra eating my plants!!! They might have to go BACK to Africa if they do (kidding! I love my Jellybean Brigade way too much to send the m away!)!!! And yes... I've found it really amazing to watch them go from shy and frightened pale little things who obviously didn't have any concept of GLASS or any type of non-living food all the way to bright-finned and happy little fish who tumble all over themselves in their rush to be in the right place at the slightest hint that some flakes might be put into the water! One of my littlest ones somehow managed to get ahold of one of the rams pellets yesterday. There was NO WAY that the silly fish had any hope of being able to eat the thing - his mouth is far too small! - but he stubbornly carried it around for about 3 minutes before giving it up as a lost cause. There are a few of them who have even learned that it's okay to pick at the substrate for leftovers - which makes my life MUCH easier, for sure! They really did adapt really quickly - to temperature, lighting, feeding. . . though, to be truthful, it must be nice for them to get a guaranteed meal every day without worrying about predators snatching them up. If *I* were a teeny tiny fish, I think I'd rather live in a well-kept glass box than in the wild. The wild is too scary!

With pictures. . .you can do it!!!
To start, you can just put up a tank in your aquarium log! That's really easy, I'm sure you can do it! Click on the 'aquarium log' tab at the top of the screen (in the dark blue bar) and from there you can 'add an aquarium'' and upload images directly from your computer into the log. These will come up under your name every time you post - where it says 'aquariums' just above your avatar image.
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Old 09-08-2012, 02:19 PM   #25
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I am sooooo amazed it how clean and natural this looks! A few months ago when i decided to try my hand at aquariums I only wanted a few fancy goldfish. After i did a little research i quickly found out how many colorful and active tropical fish were out there and quickly changed my mind. While in the process of cycling my tank I got a message from you offering a little help. WOW am I glad I took your advise. you have helped me more than any teen aged PetSmart employee ever could or would. I am so grateful for making such a nice friend willing to share her advise with a guy just trying to start a small tank. Because of you I just picked up my first batch of fishies last night, and couldn't be more confident that everything will work out just fine.
Thanks again so very much
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Chesh (09-08-2012)
Old 09-08-2012, 02:52 PM   #26
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Aww, Kris! You're sweet!

It isn't because of any help from me that your fish will be healthy and happy - it's because YOU have spent so much time doing the research, cycling the tank without fish, and in general getting off on the right foot! Unfortunately, a lot of what I learned, I learned because I started off wrong, and have been so determined NEVER to make another fish suffer. Now I'm extra-cautious, and read everything I can get my hands on! Thankfully, the majority of those original fish made it through my mistakes - because of the help I got from other people on this wonderful forum. Most have now been re-homed and sent to live in tanks better suited for them, only the Mollies and the frogs remain, and both are in their own species-only tanks where I can make sure that they get the proper care.

And... a 29 gallon tank isn't small to me! I think it's the PERFECT size for a first tank - remember, Becoming has been in a 29g for months! I'm really looking forward to watching your little community develop. . . you should start your own tank log! I've learned a LOT through watching other people's tanks grow on these logs - and I'm really excited for you and your first tank!
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KrisPriewe (09-08-2012)
Old 09-08-2012, 02:57 PM   #27
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i actually started an aquarium log for my tank. i can only get one picture on though. the other 3 are "too large". also how did you get your pictures to look SOO clear and detailed on yours?
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Old 09-08-2012, 04:19 PM   #28
Tankfull Tropicals's Avatar
Chesherca; Thanks for the info. I will be buying a New Nikon D80 for Christmas. I did a lot of research and asking people like you that take good pics and the consensus was usually Nikon.
I have some awesome fish and very few pics.
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Old 09-08-2012, 04:38 PM   #29
Chesh's Avatar
Tankful, you DO have cool fish! I can't wait to see some good shots of them! Do you still have the same two tanks with the same fish that are in your aquarium log? I promise you that I'll be SO jealous if you get the D80. My poor camera has been through SO much - I take way too many pictures of everything. . . I really NEED a new one. Wish they weren't so expensive! PLUS you'll get the awesome video camera that I believe is standard on that model - and it's a decent video cam, too!

Kris, taking good fish/tank pictures is REALLY difficult to do - I don't know if I'm the right person to ask about this, lol. Having a SLR camera really helps, because you can adjust aperture/shutter-speed, etc to help balance things out, but it's still really luck of the draw to get a good shot. It seems that either the tank comes out right and the fish are blurred, OR the fish are perfect, but the rest of the tank is too dark or too bright. It helps to be in a totally dark room, and taking a shot from the CORNER of the tank (like the 2nd picture on my OP) helps to allow as much light as you can get to the camera without having to deal with very much glare from other sources.

As far as your size issues, most photo-editing or paint software has the option of resizing an image. Another option is that most cameras will have a 'quality' setting. The lower resolution images are smaller, and so will take up less space. If you don't want to do either of these options, you can upload images onto Photobucket, and THEY have editing software built-in, you can resize them from there. From Photobucket you can paste pics directly into a thread, OR right-click on the image and save the smaller version to your computer, so that you can upload it into your 'aquarium log'

DO IT! I wanna see your new fishums!!!
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Old 09-08-2012, 05:03 PM   #30
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Goodness I absolutely love the tank. It's so beautiful and everything seems to be in the right place to make it POP!
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Chesh (09-08-2012)

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