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Please! Feel free to hijack away! I'm not terribly great with science, but find this stuff fascinating - would love to learn more!!! This thread is so long because of the various random discussions that we've been having, and to be honest - I LOVE IT!!! Getting other people's experiences, points of view, and yes - scientific evidence is WHY I love this forum so much! I haven't had a moment to read through all of the replies left today (THANKS guys!!! You rock!) I'll be around later to read/respond to everyone - hopefully with pics!
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I feel rather useless stepping into this discussion when DKRST is much more qualified to do so, but I can't resist. And BTW, I agree with him.

First off, algae is not a plant, it is related to the cyanobacteria from which it evolved. Algae is a eukaryotic organism; many are phototrophic [deriving their energy from light], and most are photosynthetic, i.e., they use photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is a nec essary ingredient for photosynthesis, and here we come to the light. Green algae use chlorophyll a [red] and chlorophyll b (blue), and red algae uses chlorophylls a, c and d. Chlorophyll c only occurs in algae, including diatoms. Chlorophyll d absorbs mainly infrared light, and is found only in marine red algaes and cyanobacteria. All chlorophylls reflect green light.

DKRST can correct my thinking if I've oversimplified too much.

Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The aquarist is one who must learn the ways of the biologist, the chemist, and the veterinarian. [unknown source]

Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]
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I really want to actually respond to all of the wonderful posts left here today, but I'm too exhausted for a book tonight! I've only JUST gotten a moment to sit down, and I really ought to be LAYING down instead! Off to bed with me, but before I go to count some sheep, here are the updated pictures of the tank taken yesterday - erm, the day before at this point, on the 10th of October. . .

Quite the dramatic difference minus those gorgeous swords, and the yucky plastic floaters - but I'm still madly in love with this tank!

I'll try to post some more detailed pics of the new growth on the swords tomorrow *yawn* and the video. . .
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Ok I have an idea..... DKRST and Byron.... can you do me and probably thousands of others a massive favour..... start a post or a group which is about Algae and how it works.... and in turn how to deal with it.... form the points of view of light, nutrients and other environmental factors?
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BA, BSc, MA.... hopefully soon to be Phd.
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Chesh (10-12-2012)
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WoW!!! That's a huge difference with out the swords. They are going back and I am sure they will look just as wonderful as they did before. I still think the tank looks great though!
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Originally Posted by Snappyarcher View Post
Ok I have an idea..... DKRST and Byron.... can you do me and probably thousands of others a massive favour..... start a post or a group which is about Algae and how it works.... and in turn how to deal with it.... form the points of view of light, nutrients and other environmental factors?
A good idea, but there are already a ton of posts regarding algae and how to (try) and deal with it. Biology of algae control sometime seems much an art as a science - what works in one tank won't always work as well in another. There are so many variables from tank-to-tank! In one word, to control algae: reduce light! Unfortunately, that's not optimal for plants always

18 species/varieties of fish, 15 species/varieties of plants - The fish are finally ahead of the plants!
*560 gallons (2120 liters) in 5 tanks -> you do the math.
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On things coffee-related: The Coffeebean tetra were my original first choice of Tetra for this tank (I actually started stocking and researching back in March/April) but I never have been able to find them... I had finally completely given up on both the Coffee AND the Jelly Beans when I happened across the Beaners and jumped on the chance. I'm still hoping to one day have both of them, if not in the 55, then in a year or so when the 55 grows into a 125. . . Dave56 has been breeding rare and amazing Tetra, Rainbows, and Barbs for zillions of years, so I've my fingers crossed that he may be able to help me find the little Coffee Beans when I'm ready for them. . . I really hope so!

I've still never seen a Coffee Celestial Pearl, but I'll have to look them up - they sound gorgeous! And you're RIGHT, John! I totally forgot that the Celestial Pearls are the random oddball Danio that I actually CAN have - and perfectly fit into my tap conditions - sorry about that, Sylver - good call! STILL not a good match for this tank at all because of their zippy nature. . . but Kris was trying to figure out a while back if/how he could convert a coffee maker/pot into a betta tank. . . it's simply NOT enough room (if there were such a thing as a 5 gallon coffee pot I'd SO own that bad boy!) so I believe the project was scrapped, but it was a brilliant idea, and I've been dreaming about it ever since! Maybe someday. . . I WILL have a coffee-themed tank. With a sunken coffee pot or a mug all covered in mosses - maybe get some black water going on to heighten the feel and the right type of gravel to give the effect of coffee beans and Coffee Celestial Pearl Dannio to round things out! I have always really loved the Celestial Pearls. . .*dreams*

John, I agree with you! It looks like a totally different tank now that the swords are (mostly) so short. . . I do miss them, and it took me a bit to adjust to them NOT being in there - but am actually surprised by how much I'm liking the tank now even without them! The middle in the back looks soooo EMPTY, though. . . so I DO hope they make a strong comeback - they're such gorgeous plants. . . GROW, babies, GROW! Still... I am NOT adding or taking anything out of this tank at LEAST until 2013 - it's hard for you guys to see from the photos, but through the melting of the crypts and the swords, there has been a ton of new growth. I'm really enjoying just sitting back and watching things develop - just hoping it becomes more like it started off in the end!

Dave, Snappy, and Byron - I'm really enjoying this algae discussion. . . I really DO think that there should be a separate area of the forum devoted entirely to algae, considering how many people run into trouble with it in some form or another. If I recall, Byron mentioned at some point that he was working on an article on the subject - I may be mistaken, but I've been looking forward to it! It's really an important aspect of the hobby, and I feel like people don't really have a good understanding of the stuff as a general rule. . .
Originally Posted by DKRST View Post
Biology of algae control sometime seems much an art as a science - what works in one tank won't always work as well in another.
Truer words were never said, Dave - but . . . isn't that the case with ALL aspects of aquaria anyway? I feel like if I can come to understand the basic biology that comes into play here, then I would be better equipped to combat any issues. Understanding why there is a problem is critical to being able to fix it. . .

Of course for now *knock on wood* I have no algae issues! And I really didn't in the 29, excepting two easily solved and obvious problems. REALLY hoping to keep it this way, but I still really want to come to a deeper understanding of how these things work. Heh. That applies to ALL aspects of this underwater world, though!

Dave, thanks for the tips and tricks section - I have a zillion of those long brushes laying around, and they have a little loop at the end - the string trick is so blindingly simple and obvious - but I bet it would have taken me years to figure that one out on my own! I have a feeling that I won't be able to get away with cleaning my canister every 3 months, either - and I KNOW I still have some fiddling to do with that darn spraybar before the fish, plants, and I are in agreement and satisfied with the thing! Sounds like you went through nearly the exact same process with the same filter on the same size tank. . . interesting! My husband actually broke out his heat gun and 'tweaked' that silly spot where the spraybar 'hooks' into the tank, so that the spraybar COULD fit snugly against the far wall of the tank - it's a design flaw!

Anyway, thanks everyone for such fun and enlightening discussion! Keep it coming - I'm learning fun new things every day!!!
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I agree. Interesting discussion on algae. Maybe a subforum in the plants section? One of these days I'd like to have a hillstream loach tank with river manifold, and then I'll actually need to cultivate algae!

Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
Izzy... both you AND my loaches, are awesome!
Thanks for such kind words, glad you enjoy them as much as I do!
Any luck on finding the next batch for your tank?
Ches, I'm actually taking a road trip to a store next weekend that I have seen carry the striped kuhlies! I'm soooooo excited at the thought of getting more! I love these little guys. Easily one of my favorite fish. :3
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Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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Oooh! Izzy! That's so awesome - I'm excited for you, you'll have to keep me posted on how it goes with the black ones you have already. . . and Hillstream Loaches are amazing, too - that'll be a fun tank, I hope you get it someday!
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-I- am in love with your tank. So much so that I am going to attempt a copy of it when I get my bigger tank. That is just so AWESOME!
Bit of a different theme I want though, and it's going to be Dwarf Gouramis of different colors. I sent you a photo of my current male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami, Chesh. My grandma talked me into it since I got her to reconsider her balloon molly choice and I'm giving them away. lol I'm gonna be keeping the mollies in their current tank and lessening numbers instead(It hurts me, but I must), and go for a tank like yours. I want blues, I want reds, I want blues and reds. =) lol Maybe you guys will help me out once I get it started too! You've made me...lust for your tank. I was going to originally make something similar, but for my mollies, but I've fallen deeply in love with the gouramis.

I can't wait to see your so-called "Completed" tank. I always say, you never have a completed tank, there's always a change you feel the urge to make. ^_~

All the same, you did mention Gourami's, pearl's though, and they are gorgeous. But this is my boy right here, and I intend to have more like him. Blue is my thing, I love blue. And some Red Flames as well, but only one male of each(Unless I can only get one, I don't know if they'd appreciate eachother even in a 55 gallon tank), and two/three of each female(Unless they require more LOL I am still in research phase as you can tell). I think one or two of these neon's would look good in your tank too. I can't resist stating it! ^_^ But you're doing just fine without my random fishies input. ^_~

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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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