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Welcome to TFK!
It certainly looks like you're off to a great start - I hope that your shipment of plants arrives safe and sound.
May I ask which lucky fish will be coming home to live in this lovely setup? . . . I am very excited to watch this tank grow! Can't wait for the next installment! ^__^
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i'll grow a beard by the time the next pictures get here
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Thank you all, getting close, 2 weeks today and the first fish should be in.

That did me laugh Willow . I could post a video of the pH monitor. It's a German model and is accurate down to a 100th, don't ask me why but you know those crazy Germans. Anyway, it is quite interesting to watch how much the pH jumps around when you are getting down to that level. Actually, correction to that, it's not interesting in the slightest it's just that I have no fish to watch yet . I promise as soon as the plants are in I will post another photo, hopefully the middle of next week at the latest (I have asked them to email me if there is any problem with the order tomorrow).

I must admit, if anybody doesn't like Blackwater tanks then they are going to hate this. It went a bit too far but fortunately when I did the first water change to start bringing the hardness down it brought the colour back up a level. I have ordered more Indian Almond bark as it looks better in there than leaves (I think), must remember to boil it for an hour before it is thrown in otherwise the fish are going to need torches to be able to see.

Talking of the fish, the plan is:
Group of Marbled Hatchetfish (Carnegiella strigata)
Shoal of Cardinal Tetras (Paracheirodon axelrodi)
Small group of Dwarf Pencilfish (Nannostomus marginatus)
2 pairs of dwarf cichlids (Apistogramma)
Group of Emerald Green Brochis (Brochis splendens)
Whiptail Catfish (Rineloricaria lanceolata)

Going for Cardinals as the tetras as (along with Rummynose) they are more likely to shoal when not threatened than other species.
The Apistos will probably be Panduro and Cacatuoides. Will be going for the wild coloration rather than any ornamental strains.

There you go, you got it out of me. Now let's see if I stick to it!
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Thanks for bringing this to the forum. Can't wait to see updates!
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"Be the change you want to see in the world."
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Well a major surprise this morning. Lying in bed when somebody knocked on the front door. It's only the postman with a box of plants. So they are now in and there is...

Echinodorus argentinensis
Echinodorus bleheri
Echinodorus tenellus
Egeria densa
Heteranthera zosterfolia
Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Limnobium spongia
Miriophyllum matogrossense
Salvinia natans
Riccia fluitans
Vesicularia montagnei

So now just got to wait for them to grow. At least most of them should get a footing before the fish start moving in.
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what a lovely start to the day.
it looks lovely,and it's just going to keep getting better.
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Originally Posted by willow View Post
i'll grow a beard by the time the next pictures get here
More like a heavy stubble
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ewww i don't know what's worse lol
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Water parameters are going the right way

KH 150 --> 80
GH 180 --> 130
TDS 443 --> 264
pH 7.6 --> 7.3

So a couple more changes before the fish go in and it should be near enough in the right area although TDS will be a little high but that can sort itself out over time as it is artificially high due to cycling. The good news is, the water change system seems to work well...never has changing 10gallons been so easy for me.

Found one slight problem. The intakes to the corner boxes are covered in a fine stainless mesh and clog too easily. Need to come up with some way of stopping that
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Was digging around on my iPad and found a couple of photos of the wifey's 'Killi' tank and thought I would throw these up as things are a bit quiet in the Amazon tank at the moment (roll on Thursday).

The first one shows it as it was when it was first setup and before the Corydoras Juliis were introduced. Gardneri Killis and Serpae Tetra were the residents at this time.

The Jullis were introduced and the sand was cleaned up. Unfortunately the 'palmy' type plant on the right (I have no idea what it is) had a huge amount of die back. It's recovering again but it's not the strongest of plants. Unfortunately a couple of moss balls were put in and introduced hair algae. Been a bit of a battle to get rid of it but we are finally winning...reduction in photoperiod, TNC Carbon and Complete added daily rather than a weekly Sanoplant tab (which works brilliantly in the guppy tank) and the introduction of a SAE who took a time to get the hang of what his role was but, after a stern lecture, he seems to be finally buckling down to it . The moss balls have been taken out.

If you are wondering what the male Killi is flaring at he does it to anybody who dare sit in front of the tank!

And finally, an up-to-date one taken today. To say this is the first tank she has setup I think she has done a darn fine job, looks much better than my first one did by a long way.

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