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Both crypts I've gotten have the most ridiculously extensive root systems in those little pots. It takes forever to get all those roots into the sand and keep them from popping back up. The root systems are like 5 times larger than the plant itself x.x

I knooowwww, but how else would I train him? :p His original name was Snowflake, blergh.
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Six... baby... crypts... um. If you should *happen* to decide, you know, that . . . like. . . you only really actually NEEDED five, or something. . . I know a chick who is kind of... obsessed with Crypts who'd TOTALLY be willing to give it a good home and all. Y'know... just... whatever...

Wendtii is a beautiful plant. Give it time. . . it generally has taken mine around 3 months from the time of being moved to really start growing well again. This could just be my plant/tanks, but that thing is like clockwork - and mine NEVER have melted. Ever. Weird. . . I think the C.Wendtii is my favourite plant right at the moment - has been for ages now. Love that thing.

Your Anubias does NOT hate you! Why would it? I just got my first few Anubias - 3 are Nana, not sure if the 4th is, too... I also put a 'broad leaf' Anubias in the Kindy tank. Now I'm worried! I thought these guys were unstoppable! What happened to yours?

WTF is a 'giant' microsword? Giant and Micro. . . are contradictions! Whatever it is, I hope it does well!

While I agree that it is a TOTAL pita to get those plastic pots OFF the root systems when they're so well established like that, I've found that in many cases, the crypts that DO come with the pots don't tend to melt on me. As far as planting them... heh... granted, Crypts do NOT like having their roots messed with, and it'd give you an even bigger chance of a melt happening, but when I get plants with massive root systems like that, I tend to give them a bit of a trim before planting. Not only does it make it easier to get them in the ground properly, but it also encourages new growth. At least, in my experience it always has, and I've also found that they seem to rebound more quickly from a melt if they've been snipped a bit. Always scary to cut roots though

With the loaches, the saddles on all of the different types seem to be fairly random. Yes - the dwarfs that I have do seem to have fairly regular patterning right now, which struck me as odd at first - but their patterns DO change as they grow, to some extent, at least with the majority of the loach species, including the fish-like loaches. Another thing to consider is that the same species of fish come from various places - different river systems, even different countries in some cases. When I was really researching different types of loach, I found that images of the same speceis from different areas often tend to have a different look about them, while obviously being the same fish (if that makes sense, lol). Nothing was ever written about it that I've seen, just something I noticed. The most obvious difference between the dwarfs and every other species I've come across is that ALL saddles stop EXACTLY midway down their bodies, basically at the lateral line, while the Kuhli go all of the way down to where their bellies touch the substrate. There are different species of loach that have saddles that more or less kind of stop at the midway point - off the top of my head P. myersi is one that you could look into. Their bands *tend* to stop, more or less at that mid way point - though some will extend beyond. They also have a very pinkish tummy, perhaps these are closer to what you have? P.alternans is another one, but they have a very different, almost leopard-print pattern on their bottom half. Some of my dwarfs have a very bright red/pink chest/belly area (if you remember I was very concerned about one of them in the first batch for this reason?) Turns out it's normal, and the brightest ones are males :) As for your big kid, if you think he's kind of FAT looking compared to the others, check into P.myersi - the juvies often get mixed in with Kuhli shipments - they look very similar as juvies, but when they reach adulthood, they're chubby little dudes! I do think that they tend to have very wide saddles, making them look overall darker than many of the others. You're right- there are SO MANY different loach out there - and nearly all of the eel-like loaches get labeled as Kuhli loach, or black Kuhli (depending on if they have stripes or not) generically in pet shops. To the best of my knowledge, though, there is only ONE species of dwarf, so that part of the mystery will be solved sooner or later, either way! I really think that a LOT more research needs to be done into the world of the eel-like loach. It seems that every time they start looking more closely, two or three different species are named for what had been one before. I'm excited for pictures, because OBVIOUSLY, I'm very interested in loaches, lol! Sorry for the rant, I just really LOVE these guys! I hope you manage to snag a few good comparison shots. Either way, though - I'm REALLY happy to hear that they're all doing so well now :) Are they all shoaling together? Or do the littler guys tend to keep to themselves?

Yeah... I have entirely too many tanks - and I can't do water changes until the girls go to bed. I've tried, it's pointless. They're constantly "Mom! Look at this! Watch me!" or "Mom, can I have some milk?" or "Mom, can you get Candyland down for us?!" I know it's ONLY because I'm not paying attention to them, lol! But I had to do water changes on ALL tanks tonight, because I did an extra change at the Kindy tank this week, so my routine is messed up.

Um... I think I'm really super tired, and it's almost 3 am, and I'm not sure WHAT this entire long post was about. But I hope it made *some* sense! I'm going to BED!!! G'nite!

P.S. I pulled a little community of MTS out of my 55g and popped them into the plant tank. This way they can QT away from fish for a month and grow to be a bit bigger while the weather warms up a bit for shipping. I really think you'll have no problems finding them at both PetSmart and/or PetCo, but if not - or if they're way expensive, I'll have some ready to go for you :)

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I'll trade you some Lucens for your MTS, if you're willing ;) I'd trust yours much more than from a shop.

Honestly I'm not sure what's up with my anubias. One by one the leaves are turning yellow. I don't know if it's because it's getting too much light or what, I thought these guys were indestructible haha!

I am just flat out amazed at the sheer amount of different species, and looking closer at the pictures it's interesting to see the slight differences in patterns. However looking up images of them leads to images of other species, and that gets rather confusing. What you said about P. Myersi, about the stripes sometimes stopping...that's what I think I see. It's hard to tell though, they move so fast. It's like they know I'm studying them. Some stripes extend and some don't. Another thing that may just be because they're juvies but..They all have like a giant yellow spot on their heads. It's hard to explain.
You're right, someone should be looking into this, for the health and safety of the loaches.

As to shoaling...It's hard to tell. I know that sounds weird, but...idk. Brave seems to get along great with mine, they group together pretty well, they enjoy each other's company from what I can see. The pink's not as if they don't get along with the big guys or vice versa...but..I don't know. They just seem to stay with themselves more than everyone else ime.

I actually was worried about their tummies for awhile, I was afraid they'd been rubbed raw or something, but then I remembered your post and I think it is natural to them, as all three are like that.

On an unrelated loach note, two of my big guys (not sure if it's the same two or not, kind of impossible to tell) have been "locking heads" quite literally. They get their faces side by side and swim together like that for a few seconds and then drift apart. Only seen it twice but it's interesting to watch. I can't find any articles about this behavior, so I have no idea if they're fighting or courting, lmao.

Awh, I'm so sorry to hear that! I wish I could help haha, I can't even imagine doing maintenance on so many while also worrying about being quiet.

Also, I really do enjoy your super long posts, there's always a ton of new information in them. I love it :)
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heehee, I'll take them - but you don't have to. The MTS are yours if you want them, regardless of any trade - I already pulled them out of the 55g for you! Even though I've never had any illness in the 55, I'll keep them in the plant only tank for a month before I send them over. That'll give them enough time to get rid of any fishy 'germs' that they could be carrying (even in a healthy tank, you never know what the fish could be carrying and not show signs of) There ARE still uggies that can be spread by snails, but *crosses fingers* I've never had any problems. I just pulled my 'extra' C.Spirallis for the Kindy tank, but maybe in a month's time I'll have another runner or two in the 55 that I could send over to make it more of a fair trade, if you want them :) Those ABSOLUTELY will melt, but they regrow pretty quickly, and are great at spreading. :)

AWWW!!! I've seen my loaches do this before - where they squirm in-tandem for a bit. I always wonder why they do that, but honestly have no idea. I've never looked into it, as it's only ever been a from time-to-time thing. Often enough that it isn't unusual, but not frequent enough that it's a 'thing.' Now I'm going to have to see if I can dig up some info on what that could be!

That your pink-bellies seem to stick together, and Brave seems to hang with the others really is making me think even more that you have two species in there! At least you have three of the 'oddballs,' way better than one all alone! I'm SO curious to have this mystery solved!!!

THIS is what I get for posting so late at night!!! I MEANT to look into Pangio malayana as the pink-bellied guys with bands that sometimes extend past that line. They look VERY similar to my dwarfs as far as their markings , but they're not *as* regular, and don't *always* stop on a dime at that midway point. Of course, you'll know or sure if they grow, lol - P. malayana are normal-sized loaches, grow to around the 3" mark. If they stay bitty, then they're definitely dwarfs, if perhaps from another area of the world than mine. . . be interesting to find out! The P.Myersi are the 'fat' loaches. And man, they are fat! But it sounds like your Brave might be the same species as your originals. I'm working on getting individual, named, shots of all of my Kuhli. They all look so different. . .

And there I go again. I'm SO sorry! I just get entirely too excited about loaches. I'm such a nerd!

Anubias going yellow. . . I only have my first batch of this plant, so I could very well be wrong, but what I DO know is that they really do prefer growing in the shade of another, and will go yellow if the light is too bright for them. If you have floaters in the tank that like to stay in one spot - the place for Anubias will be directly underneath them. Same goes for any of the taller plants in your tank. IS it planted in the shadows? If not, you may want to move it. . . the only other thing I can think of is that you'll want to be sure that the rhizome isn't buried in the substrate. You CAN put the roots of this plant under the sand, but it will die if the rhizome is buried. . . lots of people attach it to rocks or driftwood, like with Java Ferns. Sure you know this already, tho :P
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It is really interesting behavior and after some mild digging last night I still couldn't find anything on it. It makes me curious as to if this is breeding or territorial behavior, but it doesn't exactly seem violent, you know?

And I have more lucens than I know what to do with, :D It was a cheap plant, I really don't mind sending some over ;)

I love your loach posts! They're really informative and they've helped me a lot in classifying what I have. Which has just about killed my eyesight from staring so hard today.

As to what I have...I'm about 80% sure I have two species of loach. I have 6 of what is commonly called "kuhli", as far as I can tell as their stripes all have a similarity to them. 2 of these 6 are juveniles that look slightly different, but not as markedly so. I'm going to hazard a guess that they're either a different gender or have an age gap.

Now, as to the other two. I have some video of one of them but it's not clear enough to really see (It's also in the process of being uploaded), but I'm pretty sure they're PAN03, although I'm honestly unclear on this. Their stripes match those of the PAN03 identically though, just on a much smaller scale haha.

The tank pic coming up will show where the anubias is. I'm beginning to think it is in too much light.
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Haha how are you going to give that dog away? Bet your well attached

Loving the tank Jen, and all the new plants!

What's the plans with the open area? Leave it as such?.and I really do like your leaf litter for the loaches!

55G tall planted community
15G Dwarf puffer tank
15G plant propagation tank
5G Snail breeding tank
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It's going to be hard x.x I'm kind of hoping no one wants him and he just ends up staying here haha.

On the left side I'm just going to let my wisteria fill that in, and the crypts under the driftwood.
I'd really like to get my hands on some pygmy chain sword to fill in the front middle section somewhat, it's like glaringly bare haha.
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The video first focuses on one of the PAN03s (if that is what they are) and then swings over to Brave. PAN03? - YouTube
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OH!!! I don't care WHAT they are, they're loaches, and they're CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!

Honestly, I couldn't get a clear view of their bottom side at all on the video, except to say that I think I can barely see the lateral dappling there... which rules out the dwarf loaches. They also look too thick to be the dwarfs. I suppose Pan03 is an option. . . that's kind of a tricky one, since nobody really knows *exactly* what those are! . . . have you looked into P. alternans? They've got a definite pinkishness about their tums, the dappling on the bottom, and more of a stripey pattern on the top. They look very similar to images I've seen of the Pan03 - and probably the two are close enough that neither you nor I would be able to tell them apart, either way, lol! IF you have P. alternans, I'm officially be super jealous! Those are some purdy lil' loaches - I want some! Too bad they were an 'accident,' and you can't order them for real :/

Whatever species they may be, ALL of the little loachlings look very happy in your tank. Makes me smile to see these babies being kept in such a beautiful environment so suited to them. I love them - and I love your tank! It really HAS changed quite a bit since your last posting, lol! I hope that getting the Anubias into the shade is all it takes, it'd be such a shame to lose such a pretty plant!

Whats the story on the cute lil' puppy friend? He doesn't get to stay?
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