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Oh Jen
I'm so bummed for you. Its proper poo when you've waited for so long for them that they get here and your not 100% with them.....
Why keep them and not get more?
Hope they fatten up in a week or 2 for you so you can actually see and enjoy them!!!
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JEN!!! I'm trying to see from the pictures. . . it's hard to tell, but it looks like you have the wrong fish!

If you look on my 55g tank log, I posted lots of pictures and some info on how to tell for sure, but one of the most obvious ways is to look at their saddles, or bands. If they do NOT extend past the midway point on the fish, then THOSE are NOT P. Kuhli, and you have Pangio cuneovirgata! From what I can see. . . that's what you have! For your sake I hope I'm wrong. But it is a curious thing. . . these guys have been so rare, and usually mixed in with shipments by accident. To see them twice in groups. . . is rather odd. The size is right, that's for sure.

I know how you feel, I felt the same way when I brought mine home, but they're really lovely animals once you get used to the fact that they're frikkin' WORMS! Be sure to cover your filter intake. . . they can and will get in there if they can, they can squirm into anything. . .

It really makes me wonder, though. . . all the LFS around here have been having a ton of trouble getting P.Kuhli in stock for a while now, and I've heard of similar issues with either stocking OR getting really bad stock that all are ill and die in various places online over the past year since I've had mine. I'm curious. . . what is the problem with Kuhli? And will we be seeing P. cuneovirgata more often as a 'replacement' under the same name? Hmmm...

P.S. if you're really afraid to try it, I'll take 'em from you! For the time being. . . mine did fine in a 2.5g QT. They sell cheap Critter Keepers - around $8 for a 3 gallon. Mine will be going into the main tank soon enough. 55 gallons to get lost in. . . I'm sure it'll be okay, though I doubt I'll ever be able to do a 'head count' :/

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Well, I've actually been able to see two of them in the tank several hours after release. I'm not really really bummed, just a little shocked. I'm really worried about feeding them, I'm HOPING they get enough to eat. They seem to be getting along great with the other loaches though.

Ches - I thought so at first, that they were cuneovirgata, but after they calmed down from the ride home they colored up and the bands extended, along with their sides getting darker...except on one. He/She is still super pale on the sides, so it may in fact be one! The others seem to just be baby Kuhli.

Even if they are dwarfs I still adore them, it's just going to be scary making sure they get fed. What have you been feeding yours, Ches?

I wish we lived closer or I took better pictures so we could compare them! If mine are actual baby "kuhli" we could look even closer for similarities and what makes them different.
If they DO turn out to be cuneovirgata, that makes me super curious about who is shipping them out labeled as Kuhli, and if they know they aren't, in fact, the right species.

On another note, I CAUGHT MOBY DICK.
Actually, I caught three. I'm leaning towards some weird genetic abnormality that causes the spots, as they don't look like mollies, but then again I'm not an expert. Although I am very suspicious because these pictures are of a male, and he is very large, whereas mosquito fish males stay small.

Maybe they're a crossbreed? They're both livebearers, so perhaps...anyways, here's pictures of the big male :p
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Also, he was only temporarily in the cup. He's now happily in my mother's 55 gallon wild caught mosquito fish tank, along with the other two.
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CUUUUTE! Definitley livebearers... hard to say, they *could* be Mollies, but they seem a bit long/slim. Do a Google search for images of phalloceros caudimaculatus. If I'm remembering correctly, these guys ARE native to Florida, and they look VERY like what you have there. . .

It's so hard to tell from pics, though. . .

Same applies to your little loachlings. . . I really hope they ARE 'real' Kuhli! If so, they should really be growing very quickly, so we'll know for certain very soon :) The markings as well as the nasal barbels and fins, etc, on the little ones that I have are distinct enough that I'm darn sure that I have Dwarf loaches. Only at the tail to the lines extend past the mid section, and their markings are very distinct from my other loaches. Either way, I'm sure they'll be okay in your tank as long as the filter intake is covered with mesh or a sponge. I feed my loaches a huge variety of wet-frozen foods, like brinke and mysis, along with prepared foods - I use NLS pellets and flake food, and I give fresh veggies a lot. Pretty much the same for all of my fish except the strict carnivores. . . occasionally I give them an algae wafer, too. My little loaches can even handle bloodworms, they're HUGE compared to them, but they manage. They shake their little heads like dogs, it's so cute! As a general rule, I don't WORRY about my loaches getting enough to eat, though. They find bits of food EVERYWHERE! Every piece that's fallen into a plant, or under a rock - they're fantastic clean-up crews!

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Well I just looked up phalloceros caudimaculatus, and I'm a bit worried. They actually aren't native to FL, they're native to South America and shouldn't even be in North America, as they're said to be detrimental to the environment since they aren't indigenous. Australia apparently had a problem with them and promptly killed them all. They look very similar, the only thing is they claim the fish only get about an inch, but mine look a bit larger.

If they are an invasive species, I'll probably have to look into fish/wildlife, but I'm going to do a bit more digging soon.

Do you know the rate at which Kuhli grow? I was looking at one of the babies today and his stripes didn't seem to extend all the way down his body, so he may in fact be cuneovirgata...It's going to be just a wait and see from here I think.

Also I was able to look into the leaf pile and two of the large ones and a little one all curled up together sleeping, it was adorable. My loaches have also been less active since the little ones were introduced, I'm wondering if they're bonding? They look so cute together, I'm so glad my loaches accepted them, for whatever they may be :)
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Just did a bit more digging and the spotted fish are the regular kind we have here, just with different coloring, apparently. So they're native, thank goodness.
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Aww! The loachy bonding sounds adorable!!! I wish I could see it! If they ARE dwarfs, at least I know how they'll interact in my tank, lol. To think, you were planning on watching MINE, and it'll be the reverse. I dunno, girl. Those shots. . . really. . . look like my little uns! To the best of my understanding, once the loaches are old enough to GET color, they get it everywhere. Their markings can CHANGE, but I don't see why it would stop at the half-way point. Maybe you should compare pics with mine again - I got a few decently clear ones. It might be that you have a mixed batch, that's what usually happens - you find one random dwarf in with a group of bigger ones - caught by accident. As long as they're happy, I bet you'll be happy to have the dwarf ones once you get over being nervous about it (I totally was, too!) cuz' you get to keep MORE that way, lol. And they're just O M G CUTE! I'll be watching this thread like a hawk between these babies and breeding Pearls. SO jealous - you have all my favorite fishums! I have no idea how quickly they grow. *maybe* user SylverClaws knows. She had black Kuhli breed for her in the past. I imagine they'd be the same as far as growth rates?

Sorry about the fish mixup - that must not be the fish I was thinking of, but one of the ones I had been looking at that looked similar. . . was native to FL, tho. Had to do with a fish ID I helped with a while back. Can't think of what the other one was, lol. It was one of two, guess I remembered the wrong one. Glad the issue is solved, then - what is it, exactly? Just a colorform of a mosquitofish?

Either way, please keep us posted!!! Your tank is so much FUN right now!!!
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It's adorable seeing them all piled together. They seem to be getting along great, but they are still super shy. During "sunset" (aquarium lights are off, room lights are still on for another hour), my large loaches came out to scavenge but the little guys just poked their heads out and stayed put. They really are adorable, whatever they happen to be.
I went back and looked at your photos and then sat staring at one of the little ones. The main difference I can see is that the stripes on yours look regular, and thick, while the ones on mine are wavey and they branch out like on adult kuhli. But one of the babies seriously looks almost white all the way around, he/she is so pale.

My female Pearl decided one of the little guys looked a bit like food and she took a nibble. Of course the little guy squirmed and probably stabbed her with his eye horn/thing, and she just about had a heart attack trying to get away haha.

They look exactly the same Ches, I promise. Literally the only difference is size. Yeah, they're just a different color. I've honestly never seen it before, although my mother claims to have seen them occasionally in the creeks.
I feel bad for them though, because they really stick out in a crowd. Their base color is ten shades lighter than a regular mosquito fish. They are GORGEOUS though. Those pictures do no justice. I would seriously keep them in my tank if they weren't so aggressive :p
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Also while looking up that spotted fishy, I came across a page for invasive fish species. Apparently our ponds and canals are full of Asian swamp eels, which get 30 inches long.
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