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55g FW Just set up after moving~

I have just set my tank back up after having to store it while building my house. I am changing over from plastic plants to the live ones. I have half Flourite substrate and half regular small gravel. I use Flourish Excel as prescribed. I use two different bulbs of medium and higher K's to mimic day and night. The filter is a double Bio wheel filter that has done well in the past but I am interested in a canister type I think. I bought a couple of mollies and platies to finish cycling the tank after I had it set up for about a month and as you can see I am being overtaken by the small fry! I have never had so many in a community tank that didn't bother them. I had ciclids last time I had it set up but I am debating on something different as soon as I get the fry raised and moved to a new home. I am new at taking these pictures (as you can well tell!!) I love this forum and it has been a wonderful help!

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Nice tank and .8)

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hi,and welcome aboard,
you have a lovely Aquarium :)
your pictures have turned out very well,
what made you discontinue the cichlids ? (any old pics ?)
will be interested to hear what you choose to keep next.
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The ciclids were wonderful while I had them but they kept the tank is constant turmoil. The plants moved and the rocks were upended! They would come up and get food from my hands. I gave them to my boss when I had to break down and store my aquarium for so long. I am just considering something different. I would love to have discus this time but my aquarium is on a wall where we have to go by quite often. There is just two of us and we both are gone to work all day so I still might give it a try.
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Thank you for the kudos!!
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Nice tank you have! :)
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Discus would be fine, most likely. Once they get settled in they swim toward you, eagerly. I hope you get some, they are awesome!

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Nicely done there! I'm loving the look of the tank, and the dappled black and white molly is lovely. I look forward to seeing it planted!
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Nice stand.

Nice tank and stand...did you build it?

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No, the stand came as a set with the aquarium but I have seen several built on the same plan. I love the setup on it as the back is out so that you can access plugs, filters, etc. I am leaning heavily toward the Discus if I can find any around here. No one seems to sell them in the LFS.
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